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Team Gigs and Team Dashboard

Hi, I think Fiverr should make a new type of gig called Team Gigs, so if people have family members or friends who want to work on fiverr they can through team gigs, and any member in the team can edit the gig so it’s like the gig belongs to everyone in the team, and then there is a gig order queue where any member can do the gig and there is a team dashboard where each team member can control the gigs and orders.

Then all the funds go to the team fund and team members can withdraw the appropriate earnings based on how many gigs they completed for the team.

Just my suggestions :stuck_out_tongue:


@justinkay Really great idea. I am also hopeful it become real.

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Yes, I hope so too, it can be really useful for Teams. :slight_smile:

I think the idea is really good and innovative.

Great idea, great way to expand Fiverr to more individuals

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