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Team Group- Please join

Everything English

I have made a team group called Everything English- This is a team for anyone who wants to either offer services as an English language trainer or who can offer writing, proofreading and other English language services.

It is a NEW Fiverr service!

EDIT- I may NOT have understood as by logic it should be for sellers but maybe for buyers in which case sorry for any confusion. I had high hopes.

Mod Note: This is to confirm that teams are for buyers and are primarily for sharing a pool of funds to spend. It helps buyers save processing fees. It is not a Seller feature. Post edited.


Would you please write details about your plan? I am afraid of your plan whether it is legal or illegal on Fiverr.


I’m not sure that team account is supposed to be what you think it is, you might want to read some forum posts about ‘team account’. But okay, good luck, I’m out.

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LOOK under your Dashboard and see NEW TEAM. Ist not my idea but Fiverrs. Ask them if you don’t understand.

Aren’t team accounts for buying not selling?

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No idea? I just saw it today on my dashboard under Team NEW it said for people to work together. I do not know any more than you.

Mod Note: As specified by Fiverr in Support articles, teams are for buyers only at this time.

Also the only place where I see “team account” on the dashboard is in the “buying” section.
So it seems just for buying not for sellers to work together to sell.


??? Really it would make more logic for sellers. OK so I got it wrong. Sorry. IGNORE my idea.

Duh…It’s early in the day for me.