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Hello, I’ve recently joined fiverr. Read the instructions how to “Post a request”. I’ve done that and received numerous numbers of quotes. I’ve gone through all one by one read their about section and picked two. The results were really unpleasant & unprofessionally designed videos. I am trying to get intouch with fiverr team about this but can’t seem to find any contact details. I am wondering if someone could help.


On each order you can go to “resolution center” and contact support team from there.
However, the order will be cancelled only if seller didn’t deliver what he promised on his gig description but it wouldn’t be cancelled on the basis of quality of work as per fiverr terms and conditions.


When you received the videos that were not up to par, did you request a modification and let the seller know what you did not like or needed changed? Did the sellers you picked offer modifications? Did you pick the “cheapest” offer? Sometimes you get what you pay for unfortunately. Either way, if you still have the ability to click the Modification button on your order, do that and let the seller know where they went wrong and give them the chance to rectify their work. You may not be able to get a refund though, as certain Gigs cannot be canceled or refunded if you just did not “like” them. Good luck.



I wish I could show you the work done by the seller. She’s done many revisions but she ain’t capable of delivering her best. I’ve paid $60 for the work. But results are shocking. On top of that the lady is really bad at customer services.


Sorry to hear that, I am sure it is frustrating. The only recourse you have is to contact Fiverr and perhaps ask them to cancel the order if you have not tried to cancel this yourself already. Remember, though, if they do cancel the order and the funds are released back to you, it will remain in your Fiverr balance, it will NOT go back to your PayPal or other funding source you used. So, you will have $60 IF you were to get a refund and cancel this order with the seller who cannot meet your requirements IN your Fiverr buyer account to use on another seller. I do not know if they refund the “fee” they charge on buying a Gig.



They do not refund the fee. However, I don’t think the buyer would have to pay the fee the next time they place an order on Fiverr (not sure about this though).

Based on the reasons given by the OP for getting in touch with CS (the OP did not like the quality of work delivered), I doubt if Fiverr would cancel the order.

This is true. However, I have heard that buyers can request Fiverr (once or twice) to send the balance back to their initial funding source. In case you decide to do this, I am pretty sure the balance that Fiverr would transfer to your initial funding source would be sans the fee that Fiverr charges.


If you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page you will find the rules as to how Fiverr works including refunds and fees.

Here is the link for Customer Support if you need it: