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Team register on fiverr

hi everyone, can we be seller on fiverr as team or not?


Could you elaborate, please? That’s not enough information to provide an answer.

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@imagination7413 yes, Sure. Can I work as a sales team on one account or not?(For example, three friends manage by one one of them, on one account)

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I think you mean as an agency? No you can not register as an agency on fiverr as of now but there’s an option to select sellers to open a studio.
The studio leader can invite other sellers to join their studio but you can not sign up as a studio as it is a sort of a privilege to select sellers only and not everyone. Hope it answers your question.


great. thanks for helping to me. but, how can i open studio?

You can’t. As mentioned, it’s only an option for select Sellers.

If you mean multiple people using one account…

That’s not forbidden, but it can be risky, and has all kinds of unique problems to deal with. Fiverr does not guarantee work, and your friends will need to be paid for their time and talent.

@sarahdesigns671 no, im not agancy. My wife and I wanted to work on an account