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Team up with other sellers


Is it possible to team up with other sellers and sell the same gigs. If it’s possible then who can I do these?


This does not make any sense at all.


There’s no option on Fiverr for sellers to set up teams/work as teams. Though a buyer could order from multiple sellers for different parts of a project. Also a seller could subcontract a needed part of a project to another seller (eg. if the seller needs a voice-over for an order their buyer has made, they could order that).

Though some sellers on Fiverr have teams working for them, but it’s just one seller handling it all I think (not multiple Fiverr sellers).


Of course it is. By teaming up with a expert seller any intermediate seller can gain real life experience from them. Plus by working in team it will speed up the work.


What you could do is put a line like “Please contact before ordering” and I’d increase your price, since you don’t know what project they’d want you to create or what their idea of “basic” is. You could also send offers in the buyer requests section to projects that you know you can do. What they might currently ask you to create might be worth a lot more than $5.


So basically, you want more successful sellers to give you some of the orders they get. They have no reason to do that.

Not necessarily, plus, I’m not sure anyone who worked hard to become a successful Fiverr seller would be willing to trust someone with a total of one review, and that review being 1 star for non-delivery.

Anyway, there’s no feature on Fiverr that would allow sellers to create a team, and if you contact anyone asking them to team up with you, you might get reported for spam.


No i don’t want any order from successful people but i want to learn from them. It does not matter if they wanted to paid a fraction of the total order. And yes i got i review from a customer for order cancellation because longtime ago i came up with a gig on c projects. Longtime there was no order on that gig so I logged off for a year in that time a buyer ordered it and it became canceled for my unavailability.


What you could do is take courses, including from books, to get more advanced at what you do in the gigs.

Creating teams could help create bigger, more complex projects faster, if different people could work on different parts of the project simultaneously. So it might be a good idea for Fiverr to have some sort of team option.


What would be the reason for sellers to team up and sell the same gig?

There are sellers who do have teams of workers apparently, but they also have enough sales so all can earn enough money.


That’s an excellent idea.

However, based on what the OP has written on the forum so far, I think he has something entirely different in mind. He is trying to boost/fast-track his Fiverr career — with the least investment of effort from his end — by piggybacking off of someone else’s hard-earned success.

We are all independent freelancers here. We are our own boss. It is no one else’s responsibility but your own to find your own path to success.

There are plenty of resources in the seller help center and on the forum that will make you a better seller. I am sure Fiverr members would be glad to point you in the right direction. But you need to be willing to put in the effort to read through all the available resources and put them into practice. There is NO shortcut to success.

However, don’t expect someone else to work together with you and hold your hand through your Fiverr journey. Successful sellers know the importance of time and time management and would probably have more important things to do than hand-holding others anyway.

Here’s one of jonbaas’ awesome forum posts from not so long ago that I think is relevant to this thread:


Why would a successful seller on Fiverr want to spend their time to teach you one-on-one?

Are you going to pay them to be your mentor?


He said

… i want to learn from them. It does not matter if they wanted to paid a fraction of the total order.

So that seems like he’d be willing to pay a fraction of their order price to be able to learn from them. Really if the seller doing the mentoring did this they should really get permission from their buyer (re: project conditionality as well as the Fiverr TOS say things like that the order details are confidential and only for use in delivering the order or something).

Or maybe he’s suggesting the mentor would pay a small fee to him to work on the order too.


I have the impression the OP would like to have an established seller with orders let him do some of them for a fraction of the pay.

While it’s easy to see the benefits this would have for a new seller, there are no benefits I can see for an established seller. If the new seller is good enough to do the orders of other sellers he should be able to get his own orders.


This. Very much this. The established seller would have to closely supervise and thoroughly check everything that the new seller is doing, thus spending more time on that order than if they did it by themselves. Plus the established seller would earn less, because the new seller would expect to get paid, even if it’s only the fraction of the cost.