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Teasing The Seller

Hello Everyone,
I think my buyer teasing me :roll_eyes:
I sent the $5 offer which is a basic service with less detail for one image (as you can see on my gig description).
My client confirmed the offer, but he/she send me two images to get done, so I sent the new modify offer for $5 again (the total now is $10 for 2 images, less detail) and after I send the final result, the buyer wants me to do revisions and said that he/she wants me to do the high details on the project with only $5 per image. I tried to explain my client about “pay more to get the high details”, so I sent another modify offer including the cost and time delivery but my client rejected the new (modify) offer. My client wants to cancel the order but I refused the cancelation. So here is what is happening.
Send -> Revisions -> Repeat :roll_eyes:

Just like this song:

and the funny thing is this buyer owe me $15 from the latest project (make me to working on modifying the image and disappeared after I sent the final results for almost one year, never replied my messages).

By the way, Have a nice weekend everyone :sunglasses:


:neutral_face: Share something from chat… Have you fulfilled all the requirements? How is his/her rating on fiverr?


ofc yes :roll_eyes: the order is just $10 for two images ($5 one image) and the offer description is very clear. If it’s not clear, this buyer will not confirmed the offer, right? :roll_eyes:

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Right. I’m sorry. :neutral_face:

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This looks messy. More details concerning the context would be good, though.

Either way, good luck!


Thank you & good luck too @cyaxrex

it’s fine @architect18 :wink: