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Tech sellers lying then asking for payment


So this is interesting. I had a request for 5 errors to be fixed. Contacted by a seller and sent them info to login and fix the error. First thing was odd was they wanted cpanel access (which they didnt need since I use a component to login into the admin panel and access files. Protects access to my database, backups, etc. Nothing done for several days. Then they say they will login and fix the errors.

So never hear from them and tired of waiting. No one seems to know what to do. I decide to make changes and my own several days ago and make all changes myself. Went as far as updating everything and in the admin panel (I can see when the tech users are logged in or been accessed) I upgraded everything on my site and made all corrections. Sites working perfectly. Then I check and after I had already fixed the issues and changed site completely, I get messages on here from the seller claiming he fixed all the errors. then another message yesterday he fixed one error on the site and if I could buy a gig from him for the “work” he has done.

The guy never did anything and I along with another developer knocked everything out. This seller is a joke but no way to warn anyone about it.

Also just and fyi as Ive seen it on other boards, beware giving your Cpanel access out to anyone as they can potentially hold your site for ransom with that access.



  1. Change the passwords yourself locking them out, if you cant contact yuor host to do it on their end for you.
  2. Don’t purchase the extra gig from them
  3. Restore backup from “prior” to their access…
  4. Cancel gig if it was purchased and they failed to meet requirements, or nail them with negative review if they failed to deliver as promised.

    You could always set for cancel as well if gig was ordered… but steps 1 & 2 should be considered quickly.


I dont give access to cpanel. Its a joomla site running the eXtplorer mod that gives access to files. But I have a VPS so I have access to everything. When I do give Admin access out I give every tech a different account. Right after I saw that I blocked his access.

I wont purchase anything from them tho. Thats just crazy for someone to even ask for that when they did not do anything. They didnt even bother to look at the site when they asked or they would have known it was all completely different and working great.

I think I’ll stick to looking for voiceovers, writing work on here or any board in the future. Things I cant do myself


I wouldn’t recommend giving anyone you don’t know and fully trust admin access to a live site! Personally i have separate isolated non public clone sites where all my modifications,changes and updates are being done. Once a change is confirmed to be secure and functioning i incorporate the change to the live site! This way you will never have to give anyone access to the live site and at the same time minimize downtime and eliminate glitches etc.