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Technical Difficulties - Building A Gig


Is there a way to post gigs from the iPhone app? I’ve been trying to get started on my Kindle (which is the only other internet capable gadget I have) but the tab crashes every time I get to the tag portion of the gig-building page. Can anyone help me out?


I don’t think iphone apps will run on Kindle Fire. You might try the Android app.


Well I was trying it from my iPhone. But I will, thanks!


I don’t recommend it, even if you’re not a graphic designer, you need a great picture, great copy, I can’t imagine being able to do that with an iPhone app. This is Fiverr, not Instagram, you’re not taking a picture of your dinner. LOL


@loadedinowls Apple and the Safari browser do not handle some of the flash functions on Fiverr. I have that problem with a lot of buyers who say they don’t see certain buttons.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I wasn’t going to post a phone photo? And I don’t see how my writing would be affected by what I write it on. It’s moot anyway, the app doesn’t seem to have gig building functionality.


So just for anyone else who has this problem in future, it cleared up when I got a Bluetooth keyboard. I think when I typed the tags in on my Kindle’s touch screen the commas weren’t separating the tags as tey should have and it was trying to post as one huge tag. But a dedicated keyboard seems to have cleared the issue up.


The iPhone app does not currently have gig creating functionality.


Reply to @loadedinowls: It’s affected for the same reason you don’t show up to a job interview in a bathing suit and flip flops. I admit that when I started on Fiverr I didn’t have great pictures, or even videos for any of my gigs. Eventually I paid to create them, in some cases it was money well spent. Sometimes a whiteboard explaining video can make you sales, other times you can do a video, movie trailer style, with headlines about what you do.

Maybe this person can help you. Books and gigs are judged by their cover.