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Technical error on the website led to a negtive review


My dashboard was not working properly few about two weeks back, few orders weren’t showing up, Attachments were missing from the messages. Some messages which i recieved previously were just missing when i check afterwards. And there was this order from a client, Which was not showing up any where in my account daskboard or manage sales page. It appeared out of no where after it has been already delayed for 5 days, And the buyer had sent me few absuive messages on the order page calling im a scammer, and that i charge people and get away. I complained about this to the customer support and the response i got was that they were looking on to it and they will follow up and give me an update. But i never got it resolved or didn’t hear back from the support team again.

I had a hard time explaining it to the client about the error but i was able to explain him what has happened and got his work done and he was very satisfied with the designs i made, I made a few revisions and before delivering the final files and asked him to if he needed any other revisions. And he replied "no, I’m happy with your work. They look great. So once the designs were finalized, i delivered all the files again using the delivery so he could complete the order option and i never heard back from the buyer.

After two weeks, he just comes out of no where and rated me a 1 star review, Saying that i charged him and deleted the files from order page. There is no such option to delete anything on an order page except inbox. I never deleted anything and all the files i sent shows up on my end. The order was bugged from the time it was placed and this was never resolved by the fiverr support team even after it was reported, which led me to this negative review. I even told them to contact the buyer and explain the problem on their behalf before i even started working on the order. Now fiverr team says they cannot do anything about it. I cant contact the buyer and get it resolved since hes not very active and comes online after weeks. By the the review will become permenant and no will be able to so anything

Fiverr support team just sucks and they are always one sided.

What to Do About a Libelous Review?

The exact same thing happened to me – a buyer just left me a one-star review because I supposedly ignored her repeated requests for a revision, when I never received a message from her (let alone a revision request) in the first place. Now I’m thinking there must have been some sort of glitch.

I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with this! Know that you’re not alone.


There has been some issue. Recently my buyer said he left 2 reviews for 2 orders but I never recieved them. He even sent screenshost then I contacted CS and they told me to tell my buyer to clear cache, then he was able to again send review and after 1 hour I got notification of those reviews.

So, I guess there are lot of problems currently


I am sorry this happened to you. :slightly_frowning_face: It makes me worry that I too could have issues in the future. I hope it gets corrected.


This is so unfair, When you contact the the cs about review. All they say is "Unfortunately, we cannot remove the feedback on this order for you. When a buyer leaves feedback, they are not just rating your delivery, they are rating their experience with you as a seller. We take our buyer’s opinions and experiences very seriously. "

But what he has written is not true.I have done everything as the buyer requested. I never erased any file or scammed anybody. So isn’t this a violation,writting lies on the reviews ?


CS actually edited the buyer’s review to delete the part about their repeated attempts to contact me, which is completely unethical! (They confirmed they edited it, not the he buyer.) I hear you — I’m furious. Feel free to send me a message if you feel like venting!


Also, that’s an automated message you received from CS, if that makes you feel better. I got the same one initially when I contacted them.


Please, delete the link above, but take screenshots of what you’ve found and send them to CS.

This is no better than highway robbery and you have my sympathy.


Yeah, I agree. Contact CS immediately with screenshots!


Hey maddieco,
So i contacted CS again, with proof thats he using the work that i’ve done but i get the same response, They say even if they cancel the order the review they wont be able to remove the order. The system really one sided.

I had more like 5 reasons to prove im right but they still dont care

  1. The order wasn’t showing up and was delayed more than 5 days due to the technical fault on the website which was reported to the CS team, and they never really cared about it, and didn’t resolve it or explain the issue to the buyer

  2. The buyer was frustrated since the order was delayed and was talking to me in an abusive manner, I had mention that to the CS team as well. No action was taken

  3. I have made the designs and as the buyer requested and he was really satisfied with the work and when i asked him whether he need anymore revisions and he said my work is great and he liked chose one of the designs and i delivered the files after asking if its okay to deliver all the files so i can mark it complete.

  4. The buyer has written a lie on the review. First of all i didn’t charge in forcibly. It was marked complete automatically after i delivered the files. Secondly i didn’t erase any file or message, As you already know there is no such option to erase anything. Finally i never scammed him and violate any terms.

  5. The buyer is already using the work i did for him, Even though hes wrote that i erased the file.

So yeah, The CS team is like sheep, they don’t really care if it right or wrong, they just follow the guides. And the fun part is that the files were delivered on the 14th of March, and he had updated his facebook cover on the 15th of march, and he left the review on the 28th. I think the buyer has some memory loss probelm or something.