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Technical glitch turned a postive thumbs up into a negative?! What's going on?

Today I see that I have a rare thumbs down so I contacted the buyer and no reply from her.

I looked at her profile page and she has put a message on it that she left me a positive and it is showing a negative and she can’t even send me a message! And now she has changed it to say I am a wonderful person and she is very happy with the work I did and she is upset that the site shows a negative when it she left a positive.

The suspicious thing is that I got a message she left me a positive, then one hour later another message that she left me a negative. I messaged her but on her profile page she says she did not leave me a negative! And she can’t send me a message!

I believe her too. She is fond of me and very happy with my work as she says on her profile page. How does a glitch like this happen and has it happened to anyone else?

I wouldn’t think too much of it. Just contact Fiverr’s Customer support and I am sure they can change it for you or simply remove the feedback altogether in order for the seller to resubmit it for it to hopefully work proper this time, :slight_smile:

Thank you for answering. I wrote to them yesterday and am awaiting a reply. I work very hard to provide the best service to everyone. I had 100% before this.

Why wouldn’t a negative turn into a positive? lol