Technical issues, no help from customer service


I am a buyer and when I went to accept the work from the seller and give a tip, I got an error from Now on the order I have the “Accept & Review Order” but nothing happens when I click it.

I tried to email CS and explained the technical issue and gave my order number. I contacted them at 8 AM my time. They did not respond until midnight my time (US east coast). They sent me a canned response with generic instruction about how to accept orders. They did not acknowledge that I had a technical problem with their site and got an error condition. And on top of everything they closed the ticket unilaterally.

I feel bad for the seller, because they deserve their money and the high rating. I’m not sure how to proceed, anyone else have this kind of problem? It’s too bad fiverr CS is so bad it is bound to reflect on the sellers.


You are a great buyer. Not everybody acknowledges seller’s work and leave their rating.
I’ve had plenty of coming back buyers who liked my work, yet they never rate.
I don’t know how to solve this, I have never bought on Fiverr, just wanted to comment I want good buyers like you :grin:


I’m an avid buyer. I need more details.

You hit the green accept button, then what happened?


You can re-open it unilaterally too, just wanted to leave that here, because it helps to not have to explain the same issue again. :slight_smile:

I suppose they get a lot of tickets with such issues that actually are resolved by following the links they give, I´m sure they are fine if you reopen the ticket, when that solution didn´t work for you and try to help you further, respectively pass it on to the relevant team. Hope you´ll get it resolved soon.


Try clearing your browser or maybe try a different browser. I got many error messages over the last couple of days in Chrome but when I used a different browser it worked.

As Mila said, even if the ticket was closed you can still reply to it :wink:


When I use the link in the email to view the ticket, I am taken to the customer service home page. So I can’t view or edit the ticket.


You could try replying to the email in your email client :slight_smile:


I’m an avid buyer. I need more details.

You hit the green accept button, then what happened?

The first time through, I made it to the point where you leave a tip and then I got an error message from the site while being taken to the home page. The error message is not even very obvious, it appears in a green bar across the top of the page. It is non-specific, basically just says an error occurred.

Then when I went back to do it again, the accept button was missing. That’s when I wrote the ticket.

I came back a couple of hours later to try on my work computer. The accept button was back but nothing happens when I click it. No error message, no browser navigation, nothing.

That is the current state.


Typically, once you accept it, reviewed, feedback, then the order is closed.

Go back to the order page and see if your reviews is there. If yes, you are done. You can still tip the seller from that page.

Can you post screen shot if that page?


Yes, that is how it is supposed to work, but there was an error.

Now the order is in the complete state and there is a button for me to
accept it which does not work. The seller has not received their money.