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Technical issues with extra features

My current Gig is finally up and running, and I was unable to add extra features for separate prices when I first created my Gig because of issues with the video loading. Now when I go back to edit it, I cannot find anything relating to special extras that a seller can include in their Gig. It wouldn’t be a big deal, but I actually mentioned it in my video, so I feel that I should have that part listed clearly at the least. Can someone help? This is my first time actually selling anything - I already had to create this Gig from scratch twice due to issues with the first one - and I’m just looking to get started. Sorry if this isn’t appropriate for problems like mine… I’ve looked around and this seemed to be the most fitting place to get help.

Thank you so much for any help!

Reply to @madmoo:

You again!!! :wink:


When you reach Level 1 you’ll get Extras…

Thank you! Silly me. :slight_smile: