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Technical Lesson Learned: Don't voluntarily redeliver

I’ve been selling here for a while, but I’ve never run into this particular situation before; I thought I’d share.
It requires a specific set of circumstances to happen, and in my opinion, is a glitch in the delivery timer.

Don’t voluntarily redeliver a gig, when the buyer hasn’t sent through a modification request.
It’s in the period past the “due time” but before the system automatically marks the gig as closed.

Basically the system sees your re-delivery as a LATE DELIVERY in this circumstance, regardless of weather or not you delivered the original on-time.

I had a buyer who just didn’t seem happy with a voiceover I did. He left a polite “Thanks, but not really what I’m looking for” message on an express gig. Being a new buyer, I gave him a re-take and redelivered it, which he loved. Unfortunately, the system counted the re-delivery as the “delivered time” and now I have a 97% on-time rating.
Upon contacting CS, they basically said there is nothing they can do.

So, as I see it your options to protect your account are:

  1. Screw the buyer and let them leave unhappy (not preferred)
  2. Redeliver as an attachment through the inbox. (Probably the best solution, in this case)
  3. Ask them to submit the modification request.

Like I said. It’s a rare situation. 3 1/2 years and it’s the first time it’s happened to me.


Thank you so much for the update. Maybe this is the reason I have 98% for so long.

Could be.

The problem is that this sticks with you for 60 days.
That also means the problem cascades on itself.

With a lower On-time rating, you get less orders over the next few months, because you get less orders your on-time percentage goes down more as time goes on.


So if your lettuce is liquid, does that mean your salad dressing is solid? :thinking:

no. Liquid=Liquidity Lettuce=Money Movin’/Making Money.

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Cool cool. :thumbsup:

Oh, thanks! This is really helpful and I think it has happened to me once…

That’s a new one. What about just sending the new delivery in a normal message rather than hitting the delivery button?

It’s not a problem I’ve run across–but what I’ve just said is what I usually do if there’s no mod request.


Yup, that was my “option 2” in the original message.
It seems to be the best approach.

Really Helpful and Usefull Tip. As it is said that " the one who has never made any mistake, hasn’t tried anything new ". We experience by mistakes ( mostly ). Thanks for sharing mate!!