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Technical Problem? Every Gig I click on Fiverr says "The Gig you were looking for is no longer available"

Hello fiverr community,

Is there a technical problem at fiverr. Every gig I click at I receive this message " The Gig you were looking for is no longer available" including my own gigs. Any problem. I appreciate your response.




Hey, Malabot

I think it’s a cache issue, so clean your browser and try again, if still there, please get in touch CST.

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Thank you. Let me do it

It’s not a cache issue . I almost freaked out 2 minutes ago , I think it’s a bug…

Perfect wordpressdony. Problem solved. Now working well. Thank you so much

I have deleted my browser history and everything is now working well.

I was also freaking a lot more…

it seems to be working here as well now…but I haven’t cleared my cache

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I am having the same problem.

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surely it’s a bug …

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