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Technical problem

Hi everyone!

For over a week I’ve been trying to get my problem solved by Fiverr and seller. The seller sends to me her message and when I click onto “View and Reply,” in the green box below her message, NO new site appears where I can view my ebook cover and approve it.

Does anyone know how to correct this problem?

Thanks and God Bless! Dr. Gary

Are you trying to get to your sales page through an email notification? If that’s the case, just log back into your account and click on your shopping tab. That should do the trick.

Unless I’ve misunderstood your question…Either way, best of luck!

Hi! Thanks for responding. The seller is trying to get the gig to me to review and approve. I click onto my email and her message pops up. The problem is when I click onto the green box, below her message, that says "View and Reply,"no new page pops up so that I can see the completed gig.

I’ve done what you said and my ebook cover is there at bottom of order page. However, it was sent prior to me getting the title, etc. to her, due to the fact that I forgot to send it the first time. The one she is now trying to get to me has the title, etc. however, again, when I click the View and Reply button below her message nothing comes up. It’s been over a week and I would think someone at Fiverr would have solved the problem by now. A test of patience, that’s for sure!

Thanks again, for your response. Any further help will be greatly appreciated!

God Bess!

Dr. Gary

Hmm. I’m a bit stumped, I guess. If you’re able to log in to your account, it should be a simple fix. Is the first order (the one w/out the book title, etc.) marked complete? If so, you can scroll to the bottom of the order page and you’ll see a spot where you can click to send your seller a message. They’ll be able to send the cover via the message system.

Maybe someone else will read this and chime in with some simpler advice. For your sake, I hope so…I’m terrible at this.

Try @kissreviews’ suggestion. Your seller can always send your files again via email message, however ask her to double-check that she is sending you files in accepted formats, because the Fiverr message system doesn’t accept all image or text files. (offhand, I believe it’s jpegs or png’s for image files).

garbo77 said: It's been over a week and I would think someone at Fiverr would have solved the problem by now.
Unless you filed a report with customer support, no one at Fiverr knows you're having a problem.