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Technical Question for Experienced Fiverr Sellers

A few months back, a scammer made 12 orders using multiple accounts. I have spoken about that on the forum. Customer support cancelled the last 8 orders, but I sent the first 4 for mutual cancellation, which the scammer ignored, and which became cancellations. That gave me a high cancellation ratio for that month.

Now, finally I got the message that there had been a PayPal chargeback for the first 4 accounts. I didn’t lose any money as I didn’t do his orders, but I suppose somebody else did, and lost their money. Okay, the point is, now the first 4 orders, which I had offered for mutual cancellation, but were ignored and turned into cancellations, affecting my ratio, have now been cancelled by customer support, 3 months later.

So my question is, will this improve my cancellation ratio? I’ve been down on search results because of that, I’m wondering if this will help me in any way at all. I don’t want to ask customer support this question as it’s not really a big deal and I don’t want to bother them. Just wondering what you think. (I’m once again on vacation mode - every time I come off it, I get enough orders in 3-4 days to keep me busy for 1 month!)

(Sorry for the long post!)

I think you should contact the Customer Support regarding this, because it is their job. They are being paid for that.
You are the KING, you are one of the reasons they are getting their salaries.

Regarding your question, I am so sorry to hear that a scammer tried to scam you.
Since we all don’t know how this platform algorithm is working, I highly advice you to ask for help from the Help Desk.

If I were you I would expect the cancelled orders to still have an adverse effect. I say this as I recently reversed my request to CS to get rid of a few orders I have which have never started due to buyers not supplying details. They basically told me that cancelling these would affect my ratings but then quickly said err sorry no it won’t.

Think about it like this. In any organization, there is the company line that they want everyone to believe and the cold reality that is the facts on the ground. I message CS about my plummeting response rate, they say there is not a problem but I know there is and things go in circles for a bit until I get a face-saving message from them finally saying “oh you silly boy, we just looked and your response rate is at 100%”

My advice, drink a gallon of coffee, deliver 10 orders super fast as soon as they come in and encourage some awesome reviews. That and staying logged in even when you are asleep should up your search visibility.

That said, I am noticing some funny business with some of my gigs in regard to the new pay for prominence feature or whatever it is. All my real estate video gigs (and everyone else’s) are buried under logo and non-real estate related graphic design garbage. In this case, your cancellations might not be having an effect at all and you might just be ping-ponging around due to algorithm changes.

"My advice, drink a gallon of coffee, deliver 10 orders super fast as soon as they come in and encourage some awesome reviews. "

Huh? Each order has 10 to 30 articles, not so simple! I don’t worry too much about these things, I just do my best, the rest will take care of itself. If I don’t get orders, and am free, I will read a book or exercise.

Oh sorry, I’ve actually cut down on accepting bulk orders. It was a risk coupled with increasing prices but the clients I have retained who are still ordering in bulk make up for the overall order losses (so far) and the individual orders which come in are much easier and more pleasurable to work on.

In either case, I do notice that that faster I deliver work, the higher my gigs rank. - Hence my coffee suggestion.