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Technical SEO questions

How do you get results with SEO in a crowded market with strong/big-spending competitors?

What are five things nobody tells you about SEO—the professional secrets?


I read in a post by @damooch916 that posting tickle gifs will get results in a crowded market. I have not tried his method yet, however. Since he is a Pro seller, I assume this is one of his professional secrets that he was kind enough to share with our Fiverr Forum members.

As for SEO, I read online that SEO is a thing of the past and new ways to get your content found and read online are on the way.


SEO is very difficult, also on fiverr, everybody repeat the same title and is difficult get customers here. I think the best way is have a website that we can get customers . :wink:


Let’s be specific: Any form of tickle video that you submit to the fiverr forum will result in an immediate “impression” increase to your profile and offerings.

But it doesn’t end there. Here are a few more tips to engage customers and the tips are directly from the “Secret Fiverrian Council to Discuss Secrets and Create Redundant Names Club.” I suggest you enact them all immediately:

  1. Replace your gig video audio with the theme from “The Golden Girls”
  2. In your gig video, dance for exactly 10 seconds to the original Chubby Checker recording of “The Twist.”

DO NOT under any circumstances, dance to “Let’s Twist Again,” “Twisting the Night Away”, “Twist and Shout,” or any subsequent twist related material outside of the originally authorized, federally mandated, source “Twist” material.

  1. Offer Unlimited Supervisions

Revisions are so 2020. With supervisions your client will have the comfort of feeling like their every choice is handled by the love of a parent, but with the authority of a teacher. Explain the value of supervisions to your client. Provide high guidance - including:
discipline (time outs and light spanking)
and above all the installment of self governance

Remember you’re not a babysitter - you’re a supervisor. Your job isn’t to be loved - it’s to teach your client the value of making one’s bed.

  1. Demonstrate your active participation in each correspondence by providing an image of your toes.

Clients love toes.

  1. Engage in the Fiverr Forum’s “Covert Buddy System.”

This unique (and largely quiet) program pairs two forum members together and bonds their experiences, resulting in a broadened discussion and healthier seller results via shared ideas. To enact this system, simply identify your “buddy” of choice by tagging them in any thread and replying,

" The sitting rabbit watches closely over the girl with the egg shaped head."

This verbal indicator will alert system management and your new “buddy” will be given the option to “pair” with you or reject the process based on their availability. Depending on their Fiverr status, they may respond to your thread pronouncement by saying any of the following:

What are you talking about?
What’s your problem?
Why do you keep typing that?

Or so on. This confirms their availability and links your account in the social realm. Please remember to respond with their request approval code words by saying:

My pants are a frying pan where the heat comes to dance, muffin.”

Currently I’m not authorized to share any more tips from this exclusive - paid membership - club. Please follow through with them and feel free to share your images and varations of these tips - right here for me to look over.

Thank you



Your suggestion are very helpful.

I’m always glad to help.

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Oww it’s you again! Whatddup?

It’s not really me. Currently I’m on vacation. This is “tv” me. It’s like me, just adjusted to fit the format of your television. Also, I’ve been edited for content. I also come with a cultural sensitivity warning now. And I’ve been brought to you by the makers of “blonde espresso.”

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Lol, I was around to do the twist to that recording!

That is me! Forty years of experience in that area. :woman_teacher:t2: :straight_ruler:

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See, @damooch916 you are helping other sellers already! :+1:t2: