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Technical SOUND problems, please help!


I have a recorded video conference in mov format, so two speakers in the same video, one as MAIN and the other one is small in the upper corner of the video. (so it`s that kind of video)

The problem is that the sound is not in sync with any of them. They talk, but the audio is seriously out of sync. When I open the video in Premiere Pro, it shows two different waveforms, and one of them is longer then the video itself.

Same in other video editing programs.

The weird part is that the videoworks perfectly on my friend`s computer, but it does not work on none of my computers.

I would like to make the sound sync and be able to edit the video after this.

(Please do not send me job offers! I am looking for advice)

Many thanks!


have you tried to first convert the mov file to another format using a converting software e.g. H265 or MPEG2 and then load it to your editing program? It might work. All the best

If the video is working great on your friend’s computer, open it on the computer then save it as an editable .aep .prproj then move that saved project and open it on your computer.
Since you say you don’t want offers only freebies, the second option would be to sync it yourself.
All the other options will cost you some $$$$

I already did it, does not work.

Yes, I did it, I converted in more formats, does not work. Many thanks :slight_smile:

You mean you already tried to sync it and it did not work?