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Technically challenged; need help--but don't know what kind of help


I hired someone to do SEO on my website. He refunded my money saying he doesn’t do SEO for domain. You, see it’s all beyond my understanding. I use a free website. I need to either have someone do the footwork of upgrading my site but keeping my website name plus boost SEO or else, boost SEO with my site as it is. Thousands of sellers on here, but their language is way over my head. I have no idea what the service I need is called or who can do it. Please advise.


If you go to the main Fiverr site, and type in
wix seo
into the search box, you might find what you’re looking for! :slight_smile:


On-Site SEO on Wix (and Weebly and similar website builders) is a little different to others such as Wordpress.

If you have no understanding of SEO, I would suggest you do a little research so you can understand the concept even a little bit. The basic concept is not difficult as such but some SEO people make it seem like it is. Spending an hour learning what it is about and what Google advises will be time very well spent for you as there are many sellers who do not do things in the way Google wants and so this can perhaps give some short term benefit but could be damaging overall.

Edit: Doing what @offlinehelpers said will bring up around 40 sellers who offer WIX SEO services so that is perfect but do contact them first to find out exactly what they will do.