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Techniques for handling clients when you're on the go \ in the car?

Sometimes I get that alert when I’m in the car, usually I pull over to chat with them a bit (especially if its a potential \ pre-order client)

What has happened both times, is I feel a little frazzled and end up not communicating as well as I’d like.

So far, this hasn’t caused any problems for me, but it got me to thinking that some more experienced folk here might have specific strategies for how they handle clients when they’re on the move. I’d be happy to hear your experiences with this, even if its not a technique.


Wait till I’m not driving and if it’s not during business hours wait till business hours or tell them I will contact them during normal business hours.

No need to communicate while driving.


I wait until I get back home and can look into it properly.


My safety comes first. I’ll handle it when I’m parked or in my office. If I’m super busy, I’d write on a sticky note (as a reminder) and stick it somewhere to follow up with the client(s). My focus is not only on Fiverr but other work ventures as well. The most important thing for me is having a “life” outside of Fiverr.


hehe, I guess I’ll get there after a while. Right now I just don’t have enough customers, ratings, or high enough prices to let those messages sit. Hopefully in a few more months I’ll be better-faster-stronger, more expensive, and less worried about ensuring that I make instant contact with potential customers.


The serious ones who want to work with you won’t mind waiting for a few hours, especially if it means that you won’t die in a car crash, and that you’ll be able to offer them your undivided attention.


@daviddoer I’m sure you will. You’re a Doer! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been reading your posts and really dig your down-to-earth vibes. You’re always respectful, great attitude, positive and willingness to learn.

We need more David Doers! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::tada:


Your work passion shows that you’re gonna build your fiverr career quickly. So, don’t worry about the ratings or sales.
When buyers contact me while I’m not at home, I respond to them politely, telling them that I’m out right now and I’ll get back to them as soon as I can. And honestly, 99% of the people who contact me understand this and show a positive response.
You should take care of yourself, it’s better to close Fiverr while you’re driving.

Thank you, @nikavoice now I’m blushing :blush::yum: I think those “down-to-earth” vibes are probably from becoming humbled and humiliated enough times in my life that I try really hard to keep my feet on the ground anymore.

@mariamughal I rarely leave the house, so don’t worry, I won’t fiverr and drive. If needed I will def pull over so I can at least tell the customer “of course, no problem! let me make you a custom order” and then make my way back home :joy:

When I get home my funny, awkward messages will be there me to squirm over. But I’ll probably be more concerned to figure out exactly what I agreed to. “something, something 750 words, conversational AI capabilities…”


Hahaha, yes it’s hard to think when you’re with friends or busy shopping, or traveling. So, it’s very easy to simply send a message saying Hello! Thank you for your message, I apologize for the inconvenience, I’m out right now and I’ll get back to you asap. Kind wishes, XYZ :grinning:

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