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Telemarketing category


When do we want to hire someone we could have a separate category ‘telemarketing’ do not you think?


I think it is a good idea. There are about 200 live telemarketing gigs. I didn’t have any idea that there are sellers selling telemarketing services on here. Having a specific category would make more buyers aware of the telemarketing services available on Fiverr.


Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I thought so because the telemarketing is something between VA and marketing. Putting it in some category can be very confusing.


If you think this category is needed you can always send support a message requesting a category addition!



But… wouldn’t a telemarketing category open the door for the exchange of personal information, as well as communication outside of the Fiverr order system – two things that are very much against the rules of Fiverr? :wink: