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Tell me about "commercial use", please

The story is …
I created a gig and decided to share it on the forum, but I immediately received criticize that I supposedly use photos of celebrities for gig cover and at the same time it illegal. After that, had a desire to remove my gig, especially after words “your crappy gig” and “not very cool gig” (probably, many consider newcomers second-rate people)
But in fact, after all, everyone uses illegal photos for gig covers, and constantly violate the law? Is not it?
Go to the example in the “art and crafting” section, almost the entire page will be with the covers of celebrities. And if not celebrities, then ordinary people also dont not give permission to use their photos as enrichment? Objects, elements of banners, can you even stolen someone’s style! Omg

…One customer asked me to do his product on the background of sports cars. But I do not have these sports cars! So i take it on the Internet. And again, it’s someone else’s photos, foreign sports cars, that is, the customer asked me to break the law and I broke it? How to live now …
After all, even if I take my photos and cut them out on a white background, it’s not a fact that a photographed tree does not belong to anyone. And I will be judged that I am enriched using a photo of someone else’s tree. (This is an example)
Someone is knocking in my door, they say to open it or they break it. Now I have to live in prison, knowing that I have encroached on the photo with DiCaprio …
Where is this line on the sand between the legality and illegality of a photo what taken from the Internet?
Maybe i really need change my portfolio and make photoshoots of some tomatoes, make it with white background (coz i buy this tomatoes, its my, i guess)
(i dont know wich category fit this theme, sorry)

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