Tell me about your Fiverr Gigs!


Hi everyone!

Getting views and sales and all that on Fiverr can be difficult, especially if you don’t have any. So, I’d love you to tell me about your gigs and I’ll view it for you! I’d appreciate it if you did it for everyone else who posts their gigs too, including my own!

My Fiverr gig is all about writing scripts for videos, whether these be commercials, adverts, explainer videos, entertainment etc. It’s only $5 for a 30-second video script! I’d love it if you could view it for me :slight_smile:


Nice Gig, I added it to my favourites :slight_smile:


Thanks bro
can you tell me please how buyer request works


your gig also nice and i added it to my favourites


Thank you :slight_smile: A buyer posts his/her requirements for something they need doing and a seller can send ‘bids’ stating what their gig does, the amount of time it’ll take to complete, pricing etc. The buyer then picks the bid which suits them the most. I believe anyway, that is what I have gathered from my personal experience.


Thanks for information


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Of course, what is your link?


Done, you have a nice gig btw :slight_smile:


I am new here, I have been created my gig before two weeks but there is no buyer or message. Please help