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Tell me about your last gig order...Coffee and orders: The Breakfast of Champions


It’s 8:30 am (to me at least). Time to grab some strong coffee-stronger tea and start writing songs. What are you working on? Tell me about your last gig order.


It’s almost midnight back in Japan.

I know it’s unhealthy but I’m eating ice cream.

I love to eat ice cream at night, after taking a hot shower!

And oh, yes, the gig. I just finished my clothesline gig and now waiting

for the image to load so I can send it to my buyer! :slight_smile:


10:30am here east coast USA

Since 8am recording 7 voice over projects. 2 Internet marketing sales presentations, 3 chapters of a not-to-distant future saga, 1 video synch and 1 phone on-hold message.

Now checking email, phones etc. In a bit, I’ll get to editing/producing the recordings and get as many delivered as I can before I head out to the dentist.


I just had a great experience. After nearly three years on fiverr, I just hired another voice artist, mzfaye930, to help me complete a job. We did a duet through fiverr! I thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration and plan to build that end of my fiverr business. Livin’ la vita fiverr! Jamescott



Good to hear from you! :wink:


Last night I finished a review order. Very easy (my favorite kind!). Today I have no gigs pending. But I have another writing job reviewing an…uh…adult-oriented website.


its 9:50PM here… just put up another gig for a holiday card…

Last gig order was a bonus was helping a buyer who had sent a message to sort out a few things before buying. After I sent my suggestions he just bought a gig to pay for my time… Love such days and the bonus is it got me to level 1…