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Tell me excellent tags?


can anybody please tell me what are the good tags for the logo gigs to boost our gig? Shall be very thankful to you.


I am also finding answer regarding this question.


hope anyone will help us


I have other issue also that i bidding everyday but client not contact me. I feel hopeless :frowning:


Why are you expecting everyone else to do your work for you?

Figure out who your target customers are, and what words those customers might enter into the Fiverr search engine in order to find your gigs. Then, figure out which of those words would be the five tags you want to have associated with your gig.

YOU need to manage YOUR own gigs. We are not going to do everything for you, nor are we going to make the decisions YOU need to make for YOUR gigs. You can figure out which tags fit your gigs. You have that ability. Think creatively. Decide logically. Take responsibility for your own success.


what other issues you are facing?


I am not asking to work for me. giving suggestion to anyone or help someone is good btw. kindly think broadly. if everyone is asking questions here which he or she don’t know then you don’t have the right to answer them like this. If you don’t have the calliper to suggest anyone then kindly ignore such topics. Thanks


No, you are asking us to tell you what words to use, and then you plan to use them to represent your gig. You can figure out your own gig tags. We’re not going to do the work for you.


please change your profile to not be a celebrity.


I am a big fan of her. you can’t force me to change my picture. it’s my choice, not your’s.


For the record, I am helping you. I am helping you to think for yourself.

Your gigs are your business, and you need to be willing to think like the businessman who wishes to be successful in that business. Asking others to tell you what words to use, what ideas to implement, and other such requests, are not critical independent thinking. You are responsible for your own success. We’re more than happy to offer feedback on what you have already done, or share ideas on how to improve parts of your gig that already exist… but it is not our responsibility to make your gigs successful. YOU are responsible for that. Choose your own tags, and we’ll be happy to share some feedback. But we are not going to build your gigs, or make them successful for you.


Thank you for your suggestion


You’re welcome. Now, let’s see if you put any of it into practice. :wink:


Well there are no Excellent tags and no one can’t guarenteed if a tag will help you , you can always be creative and try new combinations :slight_smile: