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Tell me how many days are taken to get your first order

I am waiting for that day .
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it took 3-4 months for me


Don’t wait! …. New Sellers .... Success Doesn't Come To Those Who Wait!


Iam also waiting for my first order!!


Personally i don’t really take orders on this account, since i work on another one with a separate company ( i work for them and they split prices ), no longer i work on that account though.
When i first started it took me 3 days to get my first order via Buyer Requests and it took me 12 days to get my First Organic order via My Personal GIG ( people searching it up and getting interested on it ).
I’d say its a long time to wait for 12 days if you had previous experiences, but with work and determination and if you show that you are able to work and are willing to commit to the grind you will 100% be one of the best and get your first order really soon!


i recieved my first order within 4 days.


I got two orders the day after I listed my gig. What I did was I put my prices cheaper than everyone else, and in my gig description and images I included bulletpoints like How it Works, Whats Included, etc to make it very clear what my gig was about. I also answered some buyer requests. If you’re having trouble, I would try putting ads on Facebook or Pinterest, those work very well.


It will take 90 days

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It was about 3-4 months for me, and that was a terrible order. Around 6 months I started getting tons of orders, but right now is a bad time as people are too scared to spend money.


no orders for me :worried:

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it’s been 1 month. and i didn’t get one single order yet

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Have patience. Try to make your gig as impressive as possible. Order will arrive. Don’t lose Hope :). I’ve also started today :D.


I was take my first order in a week

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Hi Everyone, Welcome to the Fiverr family.

I got my first order back in 2015 after almost 6 months of joining.
Was quite new at that time :sweat_smile:

Glad you guys are putting your effort to create a good career in Fiverr.

It’s tough sometimes to get new orders while you are just getting started. :frowning: Sadly!

Here, I have got some solutions for you here-

1) Optimize your profile picture, (Make it look like you are a PRO :sunglasses:)

  • I’m sure you are!

2) Optimize your Gig Titles (Put your main keyword in your title)

  • For example if my main Keyword is Logo Design , then my Gig title should look like
    (I will provide professional LOGO Design service within 24 hours)

3) Put some eye-catchy phrases in your title.

  • Have you noticed some eye-catchy things in my previous title?
    ( I will provide professional LOGO Design service within 24 hours ) :wink:

4) A professional Gig image is a must!

5) Last but not least! Sending 10 buyer requests from the buyer request option of your profile.

  • Send buyer requests of 100 words at max, Keep It Short And Sweet! :hugs:

  • Most of the users get first orders from buyer requests. :kissing_heart:

Hope this helps :blush:,
Good Luck

Mohammad Ali Nijhoom


Thank you for your advice.

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It took me 20 days and I’ve sent about 70 buyer requests and finally got a order. Just stay online all the time. And sooner or later you’ll get the order.


I got my first order after 10 days of joining, through buyer request.


How to find buyers??

hi , why i can’t see the the buyer requests
every time i check the buyer requests , It’s empty … !!!


its depend, It take two months to get my first order

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