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Tell me... HOW to make respone buyer increase


Hello all…

Anyone can tell me…

Why it’s to difficult to have a order from buyer…

Can you tell me how to get it… And increase my selling…




  • Test and experiment with keywords in your gig settings.
  • Include the keywords in your description.
  • A video of you explaining your gig helps A LOT.





  • Be patient. Your gigs are new and it will take time for them to be seen.

  • Make your profile bio better. Tell your education, qualifications or why you are good at what you do.

  • Make your gig descriptions better. Tell buyers more about how you do it and how they can use it.

  • Post links to your Fiverr gigs on social media, your blog. Spread the word!

  • Be patient

    Good luck!


try to use the “buyer request” section. I got one of my sales of there! basically 50% of my sales are in there.

also when trying to make a gig look at your competitors and ask yourself, how can you be better than them OR look at how they layout their description and learn from it on how to improve.

Also videos Help alot!

here was someone who did some what the same as me but using different materials and he got his first sale on Day 1 and I was very shocked at how fast they got their sale so I contacted them for advise. so don’t be shy to contact your competitors for advise.

Edit: that’s what apple did with windows, they got some good advise and collaboration from them.


Reply to @paperportrait: thank you sir…

But do you want anything else keyword?


Thank you sir…


I need 5 months to get 1st buyer. Your gig keyword should be first page on fiverr search to get buyer. Wpap is my keyword


I am very new to fiverr and I don’t understand one thing about it, can someone please help me get started with the gig and everything.


You have to promote your own gigs when you start up. Fiverr doesn’t do that for you. Why would they? You need to help yourself at first. Why would anyone promote your gigs if you won’t do it yourself? That’s the only way. And I don’t mean here on the forums either. 99% of the people here, on these forums are sellers, not buyers. Most of Fiverr sales are done through the Fiverr web page, from people who have never even heard of these forums.

Here’s some tips.

Have Facebook? Promote on it.

Hit up your friends.

Hit up your E-Mail list if you have one.

Hit up your family.

Have a website or Blog? Post your gig on there.


Post it there.

You need to promote your own gig to get going.

Once you have some sales and good feedback you may start to climb the Fiverr search results.

Again, anyone’s success on Fiverr depends on what they’ll do to promote their own gigs. Nothing is given to you. You need to work for it. Only then will you start to fly.


I was do it…

But until now… not yet buyer… he3



Read these;'



Reply to @bachas85: Ok… mam…

Thank you…

I Will be patient… :slight_smile:



Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thank Sir…

This very help me…




offer unique service

add video to your gigs