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Tell me how you feel about Pro sellers and Pro gigs

After being around for a few weeks, I wonder how you feel about Pro sellers and Pro gigs?

I have some specific questions:

  • Do you feel that Pro gigs and sellers are good, bad, or indifferent for Fiverr as a whole? (i.e. for the overall freelance marketplace and Fiverr wanting to get some of the higher-end / higher-price market share.) Why or why not?

  • Do you feel that Pro gigs and sellers are good, bad, or don’t really make a difference to regular sellers? Why or why not? (i.e. how do you feel Pro gigs have impacted your sales and the sales of others here.)

  • If you feel badly about Pro gigs and Pro sellers, is that just down to the gigs and sellers, or do other factors play a part? (Like the algorithm changes, average price experiments, etc?)

  • What is your one main concern about Pro gigs or Pro sellers?

  • What could Fiverr do to improve how you feel about Pro gigs and Pro sellers?

  • Do you have any other comments?

I’m asking these questions because I know there’s a lot of uncertainty out there. I know there might be concerns about Fiverr cannibalizing their regular marketplace with Pro, and there are also concerns about sales in general. I do not know if sales concerns have always been an issue, or if Pro has simply bought this to the fore?

Please note: I am not asking these questions on behalf of Fiverr, I am genuinely interested to know how I, as a Pro seller, could communicate better on the forum or in general. I know Fiverr is also keen to show that it values regular sellers as much as Pro ones, and I wonder what it could do to show that?

I realize this is a sensitive topic, so I’d like to promise the following:

  • I won’t take any of this personally! I’m interested in a civil discussion about genuine experiences.

  • I am keen to hear what you really think. If you can backup your thoughts and feelings with any further data or information, that would be awesome!

  • Let’s keep the mod’s job easy, and be nice!

  • I’m currently creating posts around the Pro service for Fiverr, so I may incorporate or address some of this feedback in those posts.

Thanks for listening!



I have no opinion aside from thinking it may make it hard for those who are not Pro sellers to charge at least $100 for the same thing since they do not have the benefit of being in that exclusive category and being promoted as much.


That’s a good point - do you think that sort of circumstance comes up very often, particularly as a base price, since that’s often a buyer’s baseline? Can you see a potential solution to that?


I don’t know if it comes up often but it might for highly skilled experienced sellers.

The solution would be to make sellers Pro who have the highest average prices and reviews and routinely charge the same as Pros, regardless of outside internet presence.


Seems like it’s a good way to target to a new segment (those willing to pay more for a service) but they’re just getting started really as there’s a limited number of categories in that section (no business category yet!).

As someone mentioned it may be harder for those who aren’t pro (or even just starting off) to make initial sales.


I have a major issue with the fact that Pro gigs get priority in search placement.
There is a “switch” to specifically choose to see Pro gigs first so those who want those specifically can do so. Particularly with the issues regarding search in the past few months, for a small group of sellers who are already getting a fair amount of promotion to be superglued to the front page of all results is pretty unfair and undeserved.
No issues with Pro sellers themselves or what they sell. I am more towards the idea of let the market decide what sells but exposure is obviously a key part of this and to give it to one group and not others is actually unfair competition.

Paul, you shared your gig stats some time back and your conversion rate from impressions to sales is extremely low. I don’t remember the figures but in the time that you have been here, you have received more impressions than my best selling gig has in well over 6 months. That to me says that Pro gigs do not justify their unfair advantage in placement in the search results yet here we are 2 (?) months down the line and there is no sign of Pro gigs being released into general population regardless of some having very poor sales figures.

Edit: It should be noted that since Pro gigs were introduced I have been very positive about them, adopted a “give it a chance” mentality, told others to stop moaning about it etc. This issue however is not fair.


It might have other intangible benefits to fiverr to show those prominently if they are trying to change their image. However, it might be that the attempt to change the image of fiverr is going in the wrong direction for the site as a whole.


Good point - I doubt we will ever see it, but I would be fascinated to know a link between impressions and revenue generated, since I suspect that’s one of the main datapoints on where Fiverr chooses to position Pro gigs over the longer term. I’d also be interested to know how conversion rates are for other Fiverr Pro sellers.


For some reason now fiverr puts low converting gigs in more prominent positions such as new sellers and Pros.

Also, there is a certain Pro writer, a female I know of who probably has very good conversions due to being on fiverr for years and with many good reviews so it may make a difference if there is already a presence on fiverr for a Pro seller.


Or they could at least take the price of the gig (as well as the rating, as it does currently) into account in the normal Fiverr level system (or similar level system).

Currently a seller selling many $5 gigs gets a higher level in the Fiverr system than someone who earned more for fiver but did so with $50 or $500 gigs (that were all highly rated).


Couldn’t care less…my main concern is if PM Modi will win his re-election in 2019 or not. Also stock markets, state of the economy, banking sector, real estate prices in Bangalore etc. Fiverr and the stuff that happens on Fiverr and the politics of Fiverr is time pass. (But I make surprisingly good money from my time pass though.)


Despite me not being enthusiastic when Fiverr Pro was first introduced (perhaps because I am a cheap buyer, so I am never enthusiastic about Pro prices, lol), I actually do not have any problems with pro gigs or pro sellers, because I am not their target market, so it does not concern me in any way. I understand every seller here, at the end of the day, is just trying to make money. So, as long as they (pro sellers) do a great job and there are buyers who buy their gigs, I think that is good for them. I´m trying to imagine myself in their shoes, so I understand that they are just people who want to make a living and there is nothing wrong with that (as long as everything is legit).


Those are stats we will never see and I was surprised you chose to share yours as it left you open to analysis by everyone. Indeed, Fiverr has never seemed to take actual revenue into account - it has always been number of sales, not the value. The Average Price feature seemed to be an experiment in that direction but its difficult to say. It has always frustrated me that a less than stellar review from a $5 order is treated as just as valid and important as a 5 star review from a $2500 order as I aim for higher value sales rather than lots of small ones.


That used to be the case but now they don’t even take that into account in gig placements,
as at least in my category I see gigs in the best positions which stay there and get very few sales, and are cheap with no price on anything over $10. They might be getting 10 new reviews a month.

I have an excellent rate of repeat clients who come back over long periods of time so they should take THAT into account too.

I agree that it is baffling that they don’t take revenue into account.


Me likes your attitude. You always mind your own business and never jealous. :slightly_smiling_face:


LOL…I have no reason to get jealous of anyone here :sunglasses::wink: [Although sometimes I pretend to be jealous of someone I like who cannot be named to show my appreciation LOL)


@writer99025 I know, I know :joy:


Do you (or other sellers) think that is something Fiverr is doing? Changing the direction of the site as a whole? Or is Pro just intended as an optional addition to the marketplace and doesn’t have that big an impact on regular sellers?


Is that specifically because of Pro gig placement in search results, or do you think there are other factors at play?

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I do not think that switch is turned on by default though, I just checked in an incognito window and it doesn’t seem to be, although it would be great if others could check. When I am logged in as a seller, it is switched on by default.

Do you think that switch shouldn’t be there at all, and Pro gigs should have to compete in the search results based purely on their own merits?

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