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Tell me if my gig is good or not, please be brutally honest thanks here’s the link thanks fiverr people!


Definitely room for improvement, but not bad!
There’s a few spots where you need to capitalize the pronoun ‘I’ in your description, and your main gig image is a bit mishmash, but your video is excellent a showing what your gig is for.

The only other thing that might need to be addressed, please see (FAQ) point 1: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide

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Your video seems like the same video that’s on your “create you a professional gaming montage” gig. You could create a different video for your “edit your video for you” gig so they don’t both look the same and you can be more specific.

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You should add Youtube in the title, description, or tag for better seo

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What do you mean by more specific?

i added “youtube video” in tags, thanks for the tip!

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Well in the video for "edit your video " it says “gaming montage” - but you have a different gig for gaming montage videos. For your “edit your video” you could just talk about the things you offer in the “edit your video” gig and not talk about “gaming montage” because it’s not applicable to the current gig.

eg. you list things under “effects included in this gig” - you could say those sorts of things in the gig video and maybe show examples (in the video) of the sorts of effects you offer in the gig if you wanted.

That actually sounds like a great idea, Thanks i’ll take it under consideration!

But overall what did you think, also what other tags could i include?

Overall I think it’s good. You can’t include any more than 5 tags. Though your tags are about gaming videos but your gig title doesn’t mention gaming videos (eg. you could put in the title “I will edit your gaming video”). You don’t say much about gaming videos in the gig description.

Also the gig description says “I’m here to edit your raw footage into an amazing montage / funny moments / anything you desire,”.

It’s too similar to your gaming montage gig that says “I’m here to edit your raw footage into an amazing montage / funny moments video”.

I see, i’ll think of something and change it! thanks man for the tips and advice!

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Also how could i improve my gig image, any examples or idea’s? i thought it looked fine when i made it

Take out the emoji, or make it more iconic. :movie_camera: :film_strip: :film_projector: :clapper:

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Well, it looks fine now. It will be more improved by yourself on time.

So the title is fine and backround but switch out the laughing emoij to like a film reel or camera emoij?

Mmmm, depends on the coloring.
The other ‘problem’ is… Well, here, this is the easiest way to explain:

The hue/tone of the word ‘edit’, actually make the word vanish into the background a bit.

I’ve changed up my gig picture, thoughts?

Better, but you need to remove the stars.

I’d say remove the truck, too. You can’t read the font when it’s thumbnail size, and the truck otherwise has no purpose.

Reason for the stars removal: Fiverr Sends A Lot Of Mixed Messages


how is it now?

Better, but the blue for the ‘Edit’ is still a bit too dark. And I just realized it’s now a different font. Typesetting isn’t my area, and I think the two you have are fine, but be sure not to use any more.