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Tell me some search tags


Hi everyone please tell me few search tags for graphics design/flyer or poster design thanks


Uhm, you already told yourself: “graphic design”, “flyer design”, “poster design”… :smirk:

Surely you don’t expect us to give you the best search tags for your gigs - there are no “best” since that’s a rather subjective & niche-sensitive matter - search tags are something that only you need to research & find out what works best for you and your gigs.

As some have already said, try some tags, test how they work for a week, change them, test again, and ultimately see which of your tags worked best.


Gig tags most be relative to your gig title.


Incorrect. You can choose whatever gig tags that you wish. It is recommended, however, for best results, that you choose tags that relate to the service within your gig.

Titles will not matter much in the coming weeks and months, since Fiverr has announced that they are moving their search results to a tag-based system, instead of the current title/description search system. In other words, if you want to set your gig up for strong visibility in the search results, you’ll want to choose great tags.

And no, @zeegraphics5 , we’re not going to select your tags for you.

Your gigs = you should be doing your own gig research.