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Tell me what to do better!


I am really trying to find work on the side! I love the concept of, it doesn’t seem so spammy as other freelance sites. I’ve been checking back every day, and trying to add a diversity of gigs, but I am getting no traction!


What would you do here to improve my gig? Has anyone seen a really good gig for something like what I’m offering?


I’ve looked through a bunch of your gigs, and they actually look pretty good. I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem with them.

Have you tried buyers requests? That can really help get new sellers off the ground. It’s competitive, but that’s how I got my first job a few months back.


I will have to check it out, I didn’t even know there was a buyer’s request area!


It’s under the selling tab, if you want to check that out! There are a lot of people breaking the rules and advertising their own services; just ignore them and apply for the genuine buyers’ ones.