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Tell me what you think - too low?

EDIT: Thanks for the feedback folks! I’m going to change the title and the category to better fit the gig I’m offering, and I’m going to tweak the price point a bit. Thanks again for everyone’s comments, they were very helpful! Likes all around!

Hi! I’ve had a number of buyers who want very short dry (no background music or effects) voice overs. For example: “*************.com” or “DJ Tuna Salad is in the mix” - that sort of thing.

These are often small businesses or individuals who will be using my voice in a commercial manner. I decided to create a gig for those people that includes commercial rights (normally an extra $5 as part of my usual business gig) in the overall $5 price.

Is ten words to low? I feel like this will serve the needs of a few buyers really well, but it could potentially turn off buyers who are looking for longer voiceovers but haven’t seen my other offerings.

I removed the link to my old gig while I update it

Any other constructive feedback regarding my other gigs welcome as well!

I think ten words is wonderfully matched to the $5 price. Far too many sellers here on Fiverr have no idea how to value their work, so they give everything away for the lowest possible price. A good seller, however, matches the price to the reasonable amount of work that can be provided for that price.

And buyers need to realize that good work costs time, money and resources. The more sellers that bend to the “I want everything for $5” buyer mentality, the more they cheapen Fiverr for the rest of us. So you lose a few cheap buyers at higher prices, or lower amounts of work, but you gain a higher quality of buyer. I’ve seen it happen at my prices as well.

Don’t play to the riff-raff. Target the serious buyers that want quality work.

A 10-word voice-over is ideal for $5 (it’s already priced higher than those words are worth, but it is the lowest you can go on Fiverr). It gives the client a usable sound byte, but it doesn’t result in you giving your larger services away for almost nothing. As a successful seller, you need to be willing to stand up for what your services are worth, and I think this $5 idea does that.

Nicely done! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I would also encourage you to actually offer some audio or video samples of you and your voice. As a voice-over artist, you NEED to let people hear samples of your voice so they know what they are purchasing. Right now… you have no audio samples. That WILL hurt your sales, no matter how many words you offer.


This will be quite confusing to buyers since the lowest word count you can offer is 25 words. I would just stick to the 25 words.

This new gig is very similar to your main one. I would actually change it to " I will record your DJ Drops"…" I will record your Podcast Intro" . You can also do individual gigs.

If you really want to stick to the 10 word min. I would up the base price to $10 for 25 words. Good luck.


$1 a word. That sounds entirely reasonable as well. :slight_smile:


I see what you mean by the 25 words, but that ends up actually being a lot of work for $5 when you’re basically doing 5 drops for $5. 10 words is 2 drops which is more reasonable for 2 pro quality drops.

I will improve the title for sure though!

I do have audio samples of my voice in the gig gallery as well as a link to my demo. The gig is very new, so the audio samples may not have been mod approved yet. :slight_smile:

It might be more convenient to your potential buyers to upload a video or video highlight real directly to you gig, instead of a relatively hidden link in your gig description. Buyers are far more likely to click play on a gig video, than copy and paste a link into a new window, and then surf your samples.

Make it as easy as possible for buyers to see what they need, right there on your gig.

I think if you place your gig into the DJ Drop category it will allow you to use packages. There you can enter your individual word count per package. You can also offer extras such as separate files and commercial license to make up for the loss I guess.

Feel free to look at my gig to see what I mean


That may be the case, because I see no audio samples in your gig gallery at the moment. :wink:

Yup, they’re just pending moderation at the moment. Thanks for looking out though! :slight_smile:

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