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Tell me what you think

So I’ve posted a few gigs in the last few days thinking of ways I could attract buyers. if you guys would like to check out my profile and tell me what you think

Okay. I’ll tell you. But then you have to tell me WHY is the shingles virus living inside me and WHY must I wait until I’m 60 for the shingles shot(according to my pharmacist most people aren’t unlucky enough to get them before that). I’m going to win the shingles, I’m telling you. :wink:

Your gigs are badass. You have a tiny typo in the title of the Twitter one offering to tweet a song, but other than that, they rock.

Have a great night!

More creative , more sells.The base how i see on fiverr its to put gigs that are very creative.

Wow, your gigs are impressive!!!

Especially this one

I would be very interested to order.

I could use those instrumentals for some of the videos I am producing.

But your gig description lacks some crucial information, e.g. how long the music track will be, what format / quality it comes etc…

You may update this information and pm me, and you will have most likely your first customer :slight_smile:

Warm regards


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