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Tell me why my gig was removed!

I think someone is purposely flagging my gig so they don’t have competition!

It was removed once before for a copyright violation - even though I used an image that was ‘Free for commercial use’ from pixabay!

Now, I created a similar gig doing a ‘test and review products’ and this time I used an image I created. Again - removed for a copyright issue. WHAT IS GOING ON? Can someone from Fiverr actually tell me what is going on?

If it was a gig where you review products fiverr is trying to discourage that kind of gig due to not wishing to have violations of the TOS of other sites. I don’t know why they mention a copyright violation. Are you using a logo of another site by any chance?

ach, tut weh! Ich sehe die woerter “third party” vor mir!

Alright enough German. Fiverr doesn’t like 3rd partei gigs because the third party gets mad and they get sued and screw that. So, your solution is so simple: don’t offer reviews.

Also, the ‘Zon recently issued a note that reviewers can only review after spending at least $50 on [whatever]. I admire Bezos’ capitalist commitment to honesty. Not really, it’s all bs, but he’s funding the next man Mars mission, and here you are. So there’s that.

Just stop using copyrighted images. is useful for sourcing that.

Although others have answered you too, I’ll add to it and this is coming from someone who has watched the editorial team make decisions for quite some time.

Competitors cannot “flag” your gig. Even if they were to write to Customer Support about your gig, it would do them no good at all. Fiverr doesn’t care what other sellers think of your gigs. They care about buyers, so your 4.6 star rating makes them more likely to remove your gigs for the slightest error.

What you did do what create a gig that is against Fiverr’s current policy on editorial focus. 98% of gigs offering reviews are removed from search and/or removed by Fiverr. If you tried to write a review on a site like Amazon, GoodReads, Yelp, or any other major review-display sites you would not have been allowed to continue even if buyers loved the gig.

You need to sell something that doesn’t involve other websites unless you want to run a high-risk game on Fiverr. Sell a service you can do without taking risks with other (3rd party) sites. Some of your other gigs are in danger of being banned too., Stavturs, Google news, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, are all third party sites that have very strict rules, so any gigs involving any of those sites or others similar to them could easily be removed by Fiverr at any time.

Some people do this high risk stuff and make it by slipping through various loopholes so you’ll find them succeeding temporarily on Fiverr, but most eventually lose their gigs. If you are going to keep trying those gig types, there is no point in complaining about denials because no one can help you with that. Good luck.

Oh, this happened to me too!

I came to fiverr to be a personal shopper but there wasn’t a lot of business in that, so when I saw there was a market for reviews I created a gig never thinking twice.

There is a company called Influenster who distributes samples to people on behalf of companies, and in turn, their members write reviews (always stating that they were issued a sample but their opinions are their own). So I thought people on fiverr would want to send me samples. I never knew fiverr didn’t want these gigs.

Ok, that clears up a lot :slight_smile:

It would have been nice if the message I got from fiverr said what was really the problem.

It does mention it in their TOS, so…