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Tell me your Thoughts 💡

Hi there!

I am looking to gain insite on a new Logo and Trade name for an upcoming business.

Please see Registered Name & Logo below:

- what are your thoughts on the name?
- what are your thoughts on the logo?

Kind Regards,

QwickLips Management

Well, I always thought a trade name should tell the consumer what the trade is and I am unsure what quick lips has to do with insurance. It sounds more like an escort agency to be honest. sorry.


No bueno “no good”

Qwick Insurance rings a better bell. :bell:
The :lips: not so much.

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I do branding for a living. Two questions come to mind when I see this logo:

  1. NAME: What do “lips” have to do with insurance?

2). LOGO: Is this a car insurance-only business? Because if it isn’t (or you provide other insurance services), then the outline of a car in this logo makes no sense.

Since you asked for feedback on the name and logo depicted, if I had to give it a rating from 1-10 (with ten being the best), and taking into consideration the limited information that you shared with us in your inquiry, I’d have to give this overall brand name/logo a 1 out of 10. It just doesn’t seem like a cohesive, well-thought out brand, and the visual imagery is rather confusing.


I concur with everyone else. It’s not very good.

Perhaps you should spend more money on market research (rather than attempt it for free like now) and do it prior to creating a logo. Be sure to spend more money on your designer too!


I’m sorry but it doesn’t appeal to my eyes.


Is it a car? Is it a Swoosh? Let’s do both!