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Tell Tale Signs Of A Bad Buying Experience


Welcome to the wonderful world of being a Buyer of Fiveer. I have been buying on Fiveer for almost 3-years from different categories of sellers.

The majority of my experiences have been good to exceptional - whereas I am a returning customers to some of my sellers.
However, I have run into those awful experiences were I had to have fiveer intervene and step in.

Therefore I would like to offer some buying tips to help you have a great experience on Fiveer.

Seller offers a service “that’s too good to be true”

I have learned that if a seller offers a bright colorful or provocative image of their service for $5, but does not provide a detailed descriptions or poorly written description- it’s tell-tale sign of a bad experiences.

Read Seller Reviews and look for patterns

1). If you see a bunch of “Outstanding experiences” and nothing else written - and they are back to back beware —
Buyers will normally write short snippets of their experiences with the seller and will not mindlessly write was written by the last buyer.

2). Read buyers personal snippets reviews and response from seller “I made a buying decision because the seller was late but the buyer still gave him a good review based on his communications with the buyer”

Ask the Seller questions before buying

When I consider to use a new seller, I will ask question(s) before hitting the gig button. I have learned that if the seller gives me a non personal, non detailed reply or if their response is written in short broken poorly written English “I move on”. In addition, if a seller does not respond to my question within their average responses time “I move on”.

Seller haggles with you after accepting the Gig

I only had this happen to me once or twice? Whereas I clicked gig, provided seller with requirements and had the seller arrogantly send me message that I had to click the additional gig service. Little did the seller know that I was well versed and work professionally in corporate America using in house services that he was suppose to provide me in his basic gig requirements

Seller ask you to mark order complete before service is delivered.

This was a hard lesson and loose of gig funds I had to learn;
Sadly you have some sellers out in Fiveer world that after you hit the gig and job started - they will message you with some excuse that they cannot complete the gig in the time they have listed in their gig and plead with you to mark the gig as complete with 5-stars and promise they will give you the best experiences you ever had on fiveer.
“You will end up with a very late and crappy service or they just disappear” and you have no recourse because you marked the gig complete".

Seller mark order complete but has not delivered on Gig.

Unfortunately you have some sellers that game fiveer “complete in 3 days rule”.

What they will do is mark your order complete and send you a message that they are running behind on delivering your gig or gig service results and plead with you to grant them an addition 24-hours to complete the gig they are suppose to provide - Fiveer policy is if you do not request a revision or cancellation within 72-hours they automatically mark the gig as complete.
Obviously if you read thus far you’re studious and understanding how they’re gaming the system.

With the above written there our many great hardworking sellers on fiveer and customer service does the best they can to protect buyers.

You just need to be astute, weight your options to make an informed buying decision.

Good luck in fiveer world and may you always have a great experience


People do tend to copy each other, with everything from speech to clothing to cars to homes. If the ‘review box’ comes up, and people don’t have anything to say, they will probably just copy the previous response, especially since many Buyers don’t realize you can come back to write the review - notice the button even says something like ‘accept and review’.

You may be getting a “a non personal, non detailed reply” because there is a time deadline for replying. Everyone is supposed to reply the first time within 24 hours. Which brings me to my final point.

Sellers usually need to sleep, eat, and do many other things. Expecting Sellers to always respond within their supposed average is, quite frankly, a little rude. I don’t think the average response time is accurate, either.

You do have some good points, though.


I agree with all his points though. @douglasproduct, it was a very nice post. :smiley:


The designer I chose kept using copyrighted material to add to his “work”. I guess this is another site that lures people in, allowing up and coming artist to get a shot, only to get disappointed. This was the THIRD “graphic designer” that couldn’t create a simple logo for me. Looks like I have to seek out a REAL graphic designer and not come back to this site.


The main things for any buyer to do would be to look at the reviews and always contact the seller first. It will save so much more time, on both ends, and the buyer will know if they’re dealing with a legit person or not. If you’re looking to get a logo done and you’re asking basic questions to the seller and they can’t properly answer you, then you know not to deal with them and look for another seller to contact. This list you wrote is very spot on and helpful.

Fiverr impression is down where both click and view is increased

Really great tips for buyers.


Hi what how do you leave a review if you are unhappy with the work provided? The only option I have is to accept and rate? I can’t leave a written review.


Just a note: If the reviews say “Outstanding Experience!” “Good Experience,” “Satisfactory Experience,” “Poor Experience” or “Unacceptable Experience” these are snippets that are automatically left by the system when the buyer only chooses a star rating and doesn’t write anything in the review box. So, your first point doesn’t really track.


keep in mind that REAL graphic designers mostly don’t work for $5.


New buyer is not going to copy the last review if you see many “Outstanding Experience” on a sellers review wall its mean that buyers just clicked the 5 stars and did not put something review box. So “Outstanding Experience” wording is automatically left on review box. if you are buyer from fiverr from 3 year you have to know this fact. Or you can do experiment just click 5 start and submit you will see “Outstanding Experience” written from you after page refresh.
Thank You.


shame i read this too late, going through some stuff right now…


Me too…another lesson learnt! when these lessons will end I don’t know.


In the old days of Fiverr, and sometimes even today, people can click “thumbs up” or use the stars system. Some buyers are lazy when reviewing sellers, it doesn’t mean the reviews are dubious. Unhappy people usually let you know.

If there’s something you don’t understand, if you’re not sure the seller will be comfortable working with you, go ahead. But please don’t ask questions already covered in the gig description. It’s not fun answering “what do I need to order?” five times a day.

If you buy my Basic package and then demand my Standard service, I will send you a custom offer for the difference.

I agree. Unless you’re delivered a word document, pdf, or proof that the job was completed, the order is not complete.

True, and telling us “but I was out this weekend” isn’t our problem. If you’re going to be out and it’s a 3-day delivery, order on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Also, get the Fiverr app so you can check out what’s being delivered.

I’m not, every delivery I do includes the following message:

Hi ,

Here’s your delivery.

I appreciate your business. If you have any questions or concerns, let me know ASAP.

Thanks for your order!

P.S. Fiverr will mark this order as complete in 3 days.

That means don’t wait a week to get back to me. Ideally, you should get back to me in 12-24 hours.

Fiverr impression is down where both click and view is increased