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Tell Us Your SUCCESS or FAILURE - Let's Learn How to Sell, Sell, Sell

This topic is for sellers to share things THEY HAVE ACTUALLY TRIED to make sales.
It can be:

  • An advertising method,
  • A different approach you have taken with clients
  • Something you invested in to improve/add to your services
  • Social media promotion
  • Raising/lowering prices
  • Changing to/removing packages
  • Adding a new image/video
  • Anything else that you have done to get sales or upsell beyond just making a gig and staring at the screen.

The idea is based on something “El Capsicum Pequeña” once said about getting all the good tips together in one place and as I have tried two new methods this week, I am going to start it off.

Please don’t post unnecessary comments - asking for more details about something is good, saying “Nice tip” is not. If you like something, just use a heart instead.

You can also announce/tell us about something you are trying out and then come back and say how it went after a few days/week.

For the past week, I have been applying a new method to dealing with messages. No matter what I am doing at the time, if responding to a message PROPERLY will take less than 5 minutes then I will do it immediately and include an added bit of info and a sales pitch detailing how I can help them beyond their initial question.
I have never been so busy as this week. I would say that 30-40% of those messages turned into good sales. Others are still outstanding or have said they will get back to me. Every instant response I sent was responded to with a “Wow, thanks for your quick reply” type response.

I also invested in some software to help with a particular gig. It has saved me a lot of time and gives much better results and information than I used to have when doing it manually.
This has saved me around 5-6 hours already this week and also enabled me to take on a sale of $200 for a regular client that I would not have been able to do otherwise - between the cost of my time and the sale, it has already paid for itself.


As a new thing from this week, I bought a monthly subscription to a service and have created a new gig to resell it although I have not created the description properly yet. I am selling the service along with added input including writing, marketing, research etc and it is a little more of a premium service so it is a stab in the dark and we shall see how it goes.
Already have a regular buyer who wants to try it out and we have discussed making it a monthly thing for them as it “makes sense” for their business. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Super enjoy this kind of thread. It sounds like you’ve got some amazing things in the works - it’s always great when you get the satisfaction of an immediate return on investment (like a new program!)

Last month I did a heavy update/revision on my most popular gig :slight_smile:

  1. Updated Gig Cover Photo - a lot of sellers in my area have very visually heavy cover photo images and try to cram too much information into one image. I think it’s important to catch your client’s eye because ultimately, you want them to click your gig and place an order. I updated to a simple cover photo with a pop of color and have seen an exponential increase in orders over the past 4 weeks.
  2. Revised my packages - I kept my pricing the same, but thinned out what’s included in my packages so I could upsell more. It’s more “a la carte” style now. This has lead to an increased average price of my orders over the course of a month.
  3. Added an extensive FAQ section - while I still receive questions that can be answered by my all the info on my gig, I’ve found a large decrease in unnecessary messages which save me A LOT of time!

Those are the most major things I’ve done recently and have seen major success from :slight_smile:


I feel like I have to point out something - you have 200 more reviews than I do but you started in February this year!!!
I think everyone should be writing down what you say and sticking it on the fridge/TV.

This is an excellent way to increase your prices without increasing your prices! Kudos!


Thank you so much! I’ve been fortunate enough to have benefited from the algorithm change back in May which gave me a lot of exposure. I also used that chance to constantly try new things and revise my gig until it worked best for me. Even then I’m still updating things all the time haha.

To anyone reading, I would say that you should tweak and tweak and tweak until you figure out what works best for you!!


I fully agree with this but just a note to others planning to do the same - every time you click “Edit” on your gig, it will go to CS for review and so it will be out of search for a time (usually less than 24 hours I believe). This happens even if you do not change anything so be sure you know what you want to do before clicking the button!


Oh yeah 100%. I do a lot of stuff on paper and mull it over before I commit to the changes. Or I do the changes if I’ve reached a busy time as a break from orders is nice for a little bit haha. Regardless, I plan my changes accordingly, never just willy nilly haha.

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A totally useful thread. “El Capsicum Pequeña” had a point. More ‘collective threads’ on all the topics that make x new threads per week pop up would make it all much more efficient. Well, if people would use them.

Just a small and short thing from me, since I’m in on vacation in theory :wink: Lines up with your investing in software. I can´t put numbers to it, but it has saved me time, thus money too, and, maybe even more important, nerves. In my case, it´s a yearly subscription for a software that converts PDFs into Word docs, and often works much better than Word itself does it and the free alternative I´d been using. It´s a sales argument in so far that I can offer customers to just send me their PDF, and I’ll do the conversion myself, which saves them time, as well, and who doesn´t like more time.


I don’t know man, I don’t think about these things as deeply as you do. I just do my stuff for the day and forget about it. [For every minute I spend thinking about Fiverr, I spend 100 minutes thinking about the 2019 election. LOL. Have to stop doing that.]

I lowered my prices on some gigs drastically due to the decrease in impressions and sales lately. I am also on two social media sites but have not noticed that it helped so far.

I had switched most gigs to packages so I could tweak and change them when needed and now wish I had not done it as they do not perform or get ranked well ever since, even though I just use one package on them instead of three.

I changed to a much better image on one gig and see that instead of it being dead last in the listings like it was, even though it had tons of buyers when it had been in the top two rows previously, it now sometimes gets some impressions and sales again so someone must have noticed it has a great picture now and let it have some impressions again.

I had to invest in a second internet line since the other one goes on and off all the time and now have two internet lines that do that. :roll_eyes:

I respond promptly to all questions (that’s why I’m always online and hanging on the forum) usually with a custom offer.

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I have a gig that used to get sales but now has gone deep down the search pit. I have changed its gig image. Now I plan to write the content for the gig video, do the voice over, get the audio edited by a seller here and add it to the gig.

Will tell how the gig video turns out to be. As the gig is not making any sales, I hope that this tweaking will be worth it. If it works, I will use the same policy for other gigs that are not making sales.

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Fair enough but the difference is probably that I rely on Fiverr for a large part of my income which I know you don’t. If I didn’t then I am sure I would be as laissez faire about it as you are and spend more time thinking about and doing other things.


I got Adobe PDF exporter recently which does PDF conversion really well. I only discovered that I could buy it separately to the rest of the stuff and it was like $25 for a year which is much less than when I used to pay by the sheet and even when people send a ridiculously large document I can convert it easily. So much time saved too as the quality is much better.

@misscrystal Have you considered adding different gigs? Are there any things that people have asked you for repeatedly that you could add? Is there anything you find yourself doing a lot that you should be charging for? My highest revenue gig for the past 2 month came from the fact that people were constantly asking me about SEO so I created the consultation gig and it took off.
Regarding answering straight away, I was always pretty prompt with a “thanks for the message” response but would leave answering properly til I was finished what I was working on. The change now is that I deal with the messages as they come in and that has made a big difference.

@capri2794 Will be interested in how that turns out for you as I am looking at doing the same for 2 gigs of mine.


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I can’t help but wonder if the idea for the Available Now feature came from here :smiley:
Probably not but would just point out the results I got and have continued to get from being “Available” to respond to people. I would also point out that often, my first response to people is “Let me take a look at this and I will respond [anything from an hour to a day later depending on the inquiry]”.


We liked your idea, hired a bunch of social marketing experts for $5 and spammed the hell out of it.

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Great Post… I Liked your Post.