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Tell your buyer what you need to get started



I’m new to this and have just set up my first gig. I’m not sure what is required under the section headed: Tell your buyer what you need to get started.

I’ve searched the forum for this and got several ‘hits’. However, when I clicked on the link, I received an error message in all cases. I’ve also looked elsewhere, but can’t find any helpful information on this issue. Mine is an editing/proofreading gig.

Hopefully, someone here can advise.




Hi Peter. The forum had/s some issues which are being worked on, those links used to work until a while ago, hopefully they will again soon.

You can add requirements to your gig, so your buyer will see what you need from them, when they order your gig. It´s especially beneficial that you can make requirements either optional (e.g. ‘Tell me what you want me to consider for this job’) or mandatory (e.g. ‘Attach your file here’). You woudn´t believe it, but there are people who´ll order a proofreading gig for instance, without giving you any text to proofread :wink: and if you don´t have that as a requirement, the clock will start to tick as soon as they´ve ordered, without you being able to do the work, and if it´s a short deadline, it might get difficult, especially, if there´s a big timezone difference and/or your buyer might not reply soon.

That said, there are people who have a problem with understanding that they have to fulfill your requirements, to really activate their order, and you might have to explain it to them (for example, if you reply to a post on the Buyers Request section, sometimes people already attach their file there, and then think, as you have it already, all is clear and good and won´t attach the same file again on your gig requirement page, or some will attach it in an inbox message instead, so it´s a bit of a double edged sword.
But at least if you have (a) mandatory requirement(s) the time won´t start to tick against you, until they submitted whatever your mandatory requirements are.

You can set all kinds of requirements you can choose (attach file, free text box, multiple choice questions) either to optional or mandatory.


Hi Miiila. Thanks - that’s really helpful. I think I may have it right anyway, but will check later.



thanks a lot miiila .I respect people how help other


Why resurrecting 2 year old thread?


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