Telling A Writer To Use Proper English Is Offensive?


So this happened off of Fiverr, but I have to write about it here. Someone was asking for advice on how to get writing jobs, but the way he asked it was filled with grammatical mistakes, so I gave him two tips on getting some good jobs. Use proper English, and check out a list of websites that pay people to write that I gave him.

Many people in this writing group got pissed at me because apparently telling someone that if they are going to be a WRITER for pay that they should write better is offensive.

Who knew!?

I am not saying that you need to be Stephen Fry, I am simply stating that if you are going to write for pay, that maybe, JUST MAYBE, you should be somewhat good at the skill of writing.

But hey, what do I know? I only do this for a living.


I’ve come to realize many don’t want to write well. They just want to crank out something quick for money. The platform doesn’t seem to matter as the sellers come from all over the world.

I’m so sick of the scam gurus who teach people how to “make easy money.”

I’m shocked the sellers are surprised at bad reviews. They don’t know that writing is a diverse skill; article writers are different from fiction writers. Fiction writers, oh my gosh, each genre is different. Hum, I’m preaching to the choir - you probably know this better than me. :slight_smile:


When I first started writing, I was very lazy. I made quite a few grammar and punctuation errors.

One time, a client laid into me because of it. Really hurt my feelings.

I think you were doing the guy a big favour. Customers and editors won’t be as polite as you were.


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Seriously, you are not wrong.


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