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Temp. Forum Issues Fix/Solution! (READ Me!)


The current issue we are all facing is we cannot read beyond page 1 of any thread. So let’s cut to the chase.

On any thread that goes beyond page 1, do the following:
copy the code &paged=2 and
replace the code page/2 with it.

For e.g:
replace page/2 with &paged=2
and subsequently, change the number at the end to get to the respective page number.



Staff has been informed. Unfortunately, the issues have not been fixed yet. There is nothing we can do but wait.


Umm… Yes, this is a simple hack-fix to at least get to the secondary pages of a thread.


Or just remove the code completely and put it back without pages like it has always been.


That’s an ingenious one. Can you attempt the one that’ll take me to ‘View Activity’ page? You probably should go over to Fiverr Server and offer help. Thank you.


@djgodknows: Thank you!! It worked!!


Thanks for this, @DJ. Earlier I couldn’t sticky it because that was not working right, but now I’ll put it at the top since it may be the best solution for the moment. Do you mind if I copy the content (attributed to you) for the Community section where it can be easily seen?


Ah, very nice, DJ…
And a hard pill to swallow maybe for everyone, but time goes on and so does forum software, it´s probably time to switch. Maybe there´s a forum software with auto-detection for posts that don´t belong in a thread at all? :wink:

Oh, someone implemented that code already, the post is gone…or it probably rather was one of the mod/admin forum magicians…


Yes, I mind. So much so, that I demand a royalty payment for usage! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL… Please go ahead and feel free to use it! :smiley:


Your welcome Gina. :slight_smile:


Buddy, I spent some time trying to find it.
But without knowing the root handle of the… in layman’s terms, cannot do it unfortunately.


Danke shon dame! :wink:


The forum is a bit of a mess from start to finish. It only works intermittently and then with all these issues. I think that with the money fiverr is raking in they should have slicker systems.


That is a good suggestion. The only potential problem maybe that it ‘might’ cause a problem in certain browsers or mobile devices. The infinite scrolling code has compatibility issues. It is difficult for search engines to read and index, it makes it difficult to track analytics and user behavior (like page spent on a particular page). This is probably why they removed it in the first place. The numbered paging system is actually good, but it’s no good if the site itself remains down.


A change to a…let´s kindly call it ‘bulletproof’ forum system might be another good idea too.


Try this @grydlynnes


MORE SOLUTIONS provided by our dear Admin @Fonthaunt below on the thread:

Forum Missing Sections


Thank you.


But what about the other links that is not working like View Activity?


The answer to your question is right on top of your post or the very first notice on every page. :slight_smile: