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Temporarily Adjusting Gig Delivery Times

I don’t think there should be an issue with this but I’d like to double check. On some orders I will speak with the buyer beforehand to discuss details. In some cases I find that the gig will take longer than the usual delivery time. So I make the buyer aware of this first off. But then I adjust my gig delivery time just for that order. I will adjust the time before they order then switch it back once they have placed their order.

Is this allowed? Is this a decent way to adjust delivery times or is there a better way etc?

Best way is to just send buyer a custom order. You can set delivery time on that order alone.

Oh that’s a good point. Thanks. The custom order stuff is still kinda new for me.

Hadn’t thought of that. In my particular situation this is a regular buyer so I know there would be no problems. (They are the awesome ‘take your time, don’t worry about being late’ sort.) But that does raise an interesting point. I would have thought that if an issue came up, Fiverr would look at the individual order which (I would assume) would show the extended delivery time.

I suppose it depends on “how regular” they are, but you could also make a special gig with a longer delivery time just for them. Tailor the new gig wording and requirements to the types of jobs you do for them. Who knows, maybe someone else falls into that subset of gig type too, and you’ll hook someone you wouldn’t have with the original gig.

Reply to @phoenix7813: Yes, that would be a better option because you then have proof of what you discussed.

the way you are doing it now if the buyer has a problem later on saying you took too long and Fiverr goes to look at your gig it will show your delivery time is different.