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Temporary disabled

Got Temporary disabled.
I was a level 2 seller, got atleast 3-5 orders each day, all of orders marked completed and with great ratings like 5* 98% of all orders.

Yesterday came across the guy who provides Wordpress seo service, ordered. His gig info was misleading, so he couldnt do what he promissed. So i canceled. Then he saw my email, what was the same like its on paypal, added a fake order from another account, then used my paypal email adress to the profile. So account got banned. Is it possible fiverr after a while , unban my profile?
I sent them also evidence of the guy sending me abusive and spam messages from my website contact form. Since i gave him password and log in to wordpress. He knows my email, and my website. So he goes on and on with abusive text messages to my email adress :frowning:


This can only be resolved by contacting Customer Support. There is nothing we can do for you about this here on the forums.


I know, contacted it, just asking your experience and maybe some tips.

The only tip I can share, was shared… talk to CS. We do not have access to your account, and cannot resolve this issue. Fiverr is the only place where you will be able to find the answers and personalized account input that you seek.


Contact with customer support @oscarspaeglis

As @jonbaas advised only Customer Support can help you with this.

If you type “account temporarily disabled” in the search bar above there are several posts which may be of interest to you.


What profile did he add your email address to? He put your email address on his fiverr profile?

For this, your seller would have needed your PayPal password and would likely have had toi verify their phone number. If your PayPal password was so easy to discover, you have a massive problem with maintaining your personal privacy and safety online.

It also doesn’t make logical sense why anyone would place an order using your PayPal account on Fiverr just to et your buyer account banned. That’s like breaking into Fort Knox to steal a paper clip. Why wouldn’t they just empty your PayPal account? And how do you know all this. Did your seller conveniently confess everything and outline what they were going to do?

If I was you, I’d block whoever is sending you threatening emails by diverting all their messages to you trash folder. I’d also change your website, PayPal, and email login credentials. Then I’d contact Fiverr to ask if you account can be restored, or just create a new one and use a different means of payment.


Another scenario that may have happened is that a family member, friend, coworker, or enemy gained access to your computer and wrecked havoc. Trust no one!


He ordered from me a gig from fake profile, then added the email on that fake profile, so my account and that account what he ordered both got banned.

You read wrong.

He added my paypal email to his fake account as withdraw option, even without verify that fiverr gets warning about 2x the same paypal used on two accounts and you get banned.

Is that possible to use any email address with a fiverr profile already used with a fiverr account?? I don’t think so

Fiverr may notify that email is already used!

Doesn’t make any sense

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Change your password. Block his account if he’s continuously spamming you. Tell customer service username of the fake account and clearly explain everything to them. We can only feel sorry for you.

Contact with customer support, it may help you.

I see. And you can see his account and see what email he used on it for his withdraw option? Or he told you? Or fiverr told you?

I ordered from him a gig, for wordpress seo, he couldnt manage what he promissed me. So i canceled order with Fiverr customer service help. And after that, i get fake order, + the profile even i didnt report it its deleted. So it makes sense.

It makes sense.

He lost his 45 usd of my cancelation, he was a new seller. So he get mad, he sends me angry messages to my email, from my website. There is option to send me a message from contact area. So he is spaming it.

So they told you they banned your account due to having two accounts?

Yes, by using same withdraw paypal email

I am talking about adding paypal account to widraw funds, not using to register fake profile.