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Ten messages a month for the last 3 months is too many

I had a client place a large order three months ago. This buyer has sent me ten messages a month ever since, each one long and rambling and not on the subject of his order.

I have been ignoring them mostly but still they keep coming—six in a row in the past two weeks without me answering. They are friendly but still pointless. I do not wish to have a never ending dialogue for months, answering long winded questions that keep coming endlessly.

Just because I let clients know they can ask questions when needed is not a green light to spam my inbox pointlessly for months without end.

I have a hard time understanding why some buyers are unaware of how inappropriate and imposing they are being or why they do this, particularly when I stop responding completely.

Yep, that’s a tough call… I guess if they ever ask for something that’s relevant one day, you can reply. If not, just keep ignoring.

Do you think they might find it rude that you’re not replying?

It’s like they don’t even notice.

lol… that’s funny.

Just reply and tell them you are not available and you will answer them when you come back, This is better rather than not replying at all.

send him a custom order. I Will have a conversation with you for x amount or I will answer x number of questions for x amount. Word it so he gets the message (politely) that you are running a business, not a chat line.

It would need to be an offer over $1500 for me to want to continue to read endless long messages and answer them.

Yikes. I’ve definitely have had some buyers that clearly have zeroooo regard for someone else’s time. If this person’s previous orders are closed and rated, probably best to go the route of offering the custom order to them, high price or not, and just explain due to the large volume of requests, you can only provide your advice/information in an order setting to keep it fair for everyone.

If they’re a regular customer then politely tell them you’re not a psychiatrist or psychologist and if they want to have those conversations then it’s going to cost them extra, can almost guarantee they won’t send anything annoying after that! :stuck_out_tongue:

They placed one order 3 months ago. I get so many messages a day there is only so much time I can spend answering messages. These take at least 5 minutes to read and they don’t even say anything interesting.

Just tell them your time is valuable and you offer deeper consultation for a fee. Sounds like $$ to be made there.

Just block them then, they aren’t worth it if they’re not buying any of your services! :slight_smile:

Good idea! if only my block button worked.

Tell customer service you want them blocked and they will sort it out :slight_smile:

May be there would be some language issue…the buyer don’t know the English and not getting your point? Just saying…

It’s perfect English. I think it is something in their mind that they are getting my time free this way, like a way to try to take advantage of me.

True… Good luck