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Ten Tips to Optimize Your Gigs, Create Trust, and Get Sales

There are lots of posts about people wanting to improve their gigs, requesting reviews, tips etc to get them more orders. I want to help out my fellow freelancers - hence this post.

I believe I am currently the most successful PRO seller in the articles and blog posts category on Fiverr (between 30 and 40 orders a month, and around $5,000 in revenue), and have spent considerable time and effort optimizing my gigs for sales.

I believe these optimization efforts apply to any type of gig, not just PRO ones, so using these tips could definitely help you. This is how I optimize creating successful gigs.

Let’s take this gig as an example and break it down:

Here are the main elements that go into optimizing it.

  1. A video - Fiverr says that videos increase engagement by up to 40%. They also do something else that’s really important - they create trust. Trust is one of the most vital aspects of selling online, and on Fiverr, you are selling yourself. Videos allow you to talk directly to your customer, detail what you will do, and build a connection.

  2. Key elements of the video - If you watch the video, after laughing at my British accent, you will notice several things. Firstly, I introduce myself and thank the person for watching. Next, I specifically tell them how the gig will help them. I then list my experience and tell them the areas I can write on. I finish by asking them to order. All of this is designed to create a connection and get them to take a desired action (ordering from me.) I have no experience with shooting video, as you can probably tell, but this seems to get the job done.

  3. Title of the gig - Getting the title right is incredibly important - it helps in searches and encourages people to click through. Write your title to specifically describe what you will do for the buyer. If you can, use evocative words (beautiful, powerful) that sets you apart from other sellers.

  4. Keywords - think about the keywords a potential buyer will type into the search box. Look at Google Trends and keyword research to see what people search for. Use those keywords.

  5. Images and samples - Never underestimate the power of images. They’re a chance to showcase your productivity and demonstrate the approach you take. They are another chance to validate your services and create a connection. I use PDFs of writing samples to show some of my work, too. If the images include a picture of you (and they should), make sure you smile.

  6. Packages - Describe exactly what each level of package does, and show the difference between them. Keep your descriptions short and concise. Add in any extras that are really going to create value for the buyer.

  7. About this gig - This is your chance to tell people what you can do. Start by briefly describing the gig, then talk about the outcome for the buyer. They want to know the benefits to them. I also describe how I work with buyers, because I’m demonstrating I understand their needs. I finish by giving a quick summary of my experience.

  8. FAQs - This is one of the most underused parts of the gig creation process. You have ten FAQ slots, and you should aim to use them all. Think about what your buyer would want to know about the gig and create a good response. It’s another opportunity to show you understand their needs and can deliver a result that will meet them.

  9. Reviews - Reviews are extremely important social proof. In addition to requesting sellers review me (around 90% have), I also ask them to write something specific, as that’s always better than “outstanding experience.” Another tip is to review your buyer and make reference to the work you did for them. When other buyers are reading through and see you got a five star review for “blockchain technology”, if they have something similar, chances are they will hire you.

  10. Language - if you’re selling to buyers in your native language, that’s awesome. Just be sure to use correct wording, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If English (for example) is your second or third language, you might want to get it checked by a native speaker - small errors in language use can put buyers off. When you’re competing with so many other sellers, it’s vital to ensure everything is perfect.

And there you have it. Although I can’t guarantee these ten points will get you orders, taken together they will make your gigs better than many of those already on the platform. It gives you a competitive advantage, and that’s never a bad thing.

I’d also recommend you follow all the tips and lessons on the Fiverr Academy and listen to Fiverrcast to get more insight into how to optimize gigs, communicate, and make sales.

If you have tips of your own, I would love to hear them. If people request ideas on how to improve their gigs, you can also refer them back to this thread.


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Some great tips here! I’ve incorporated most of them already, but my video is an animated explainer. I’m just not comfortable with publishing my radio-face in a video.

Thanks for your contribution! :slight_smile:


Terrific post Paul! :bouquet:


Thank You very much paulmaplesden . This will be great benefit of all.:slight_smile:


Thank you for those tips


yeah exactly, i think i’d go with the animated video explainer also


thanks for this tips


Thanks for the reminder. You may be a fiverr pro and a new fiverr member but you are selfless and I appreciate that. I already incorporated some of the points above but based on my niche, my gig video has to be a copy of what the buyer is expecting when he orders the gig or something close.
Thank you.


You’re kind, thanks. I strongly believe freelancing is one of the best choices people can make for their careers, so I am happy to do anything I can to empower that.


Paul, you are a true inspiration. I love to read these tips, very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing.


I always look out for your posts. Thanks for these tips. You’ve been very helpful!


thanks, awesome tip :sunglasses:


Thank you, for your tips


Nice article Paul, really helpful. Thanks mate for your precious contribution to this community.


Video! Videos!! Video!!!

Thanks for the reminder, I will work on that


Thank you!!! Amazing post! :grin:


Thanks a lot for great post


Oh,some of the great tips in here.Hopefully it will work .


What a great post! I favorited your page as well! I could use your service as well :slight_smile:


Thanks it’s helping me a lot…