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Tensed about IP changing issue (Need Help)


I am using only 1 account on my Laptop and my smartphone. But I see that every time I disconnect and reconnect my internet or restart my PC, then connect to the internet again it change my IP automatically. I am afraid that, is there any problem with that issue? Any chance to get banned by Fiverr even I am not doing any violence or breaking Fiverr TOS rules.



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Is there anyone can help me?

Most wireless connections use dynamic ip addresses that rotate between your isps clients. In apartment buildings its also common that the external ip is shared between all residents. There just isn’t any way to know if anyone else in your ip range has an account on fiverr and thus i wouldn’t worry about it.

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Reply to @mgjohn78: So you want to said that, this is normal?

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No, I don’t think that’s normal. Even with a dynamic IP address, you should not be seeing your IP address changing like that. You should check with your Internet service provider.

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Reply to @ricksper: Every time I disconnect and then connect again it only change last number of ID like

Can’t really see how this could cause any issues. My IP changes probably 10-15 times a day.

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Reply to @vectormoon: Then I think it’s normal with everyone.

I would recommend you to inform CUSTOM SUPPORT once

regarding this issue with some legal proof and you’ll not

get problems in future. FIVERR really don’t LIKE to get in

this way. So, safety is the top priority !!

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Ask Customer Support about this.

My IP change every 10 minutes.

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How can the IP address create a problem? I think multiple account is a different issue.


Reply to @responsiblehina: I already told them. But they said that if Trust & Security review my ID and warn me then they can think about my issue.

Reply to @logoworld07: I already told them. But they said that if Trust & Security review my ID and warn me then they can think about my issue.

Reply to @raselkhondokar:

Yes its normal, have worked with isps and this is a common way wireless connections work.

Most wireless modems change the last part of the ip on reboot, at least here in northern europe and i bet 90+% of fiverr sellers have logged in to fiverr at least once using a dynamic ip that might some day be recycled and used by another fiverr member. In Finland even dedicated ip addresses get recycled to other clients after 6 months if you change isp or get a new ip.

In a tiny country as i live in the chance that someone in my ip region would also be a fiverr member is really small though. If it was to happen it shouldn’t be a problem as i can can just send fiverr a copy of my id.

In short its nothing you should lose any sleep over.

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Reply to @mgjohn78: Thank you so much for your helpful and details comment.

I dont think ip change make any problem,multiple account is traced by the mac address of your device right???my ip also changes some time in a day too…

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Reply to @developer49: Your mac address is not visible to any website.

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Whatever the system may be to trace. It doesn’t matter. What matters is through these spammy tricks the whole healthy eco-system of the website will degrade and ultimately we will suffer. Fiverr will not suffer coz they have multimillionaire company with awesome business strategies. One has to understand that Fiverr is doing this for our benefits by keeping the reputation high.

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Reply to @developer49: Yeah, you are right if Mac address is traced that will be fine and I don’t have to worried about IP changing issue.

Reply to @ryan9999: Yes, brother you got my point that why I am so much worried with just a few IP changing things. Actually, that was really hard work to make a good profile and still I am working hard on my profile. After making a high quality profile if Fiverr ban my ID with any issue this will be totally shocking that’s why I just want to be careful.