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Terms of service violation


Offering a gig to help with citations (both in-text and reference list), rewriting, paraphrasing, and essays — I would like to know if any or all of these violate fiverr’s terms of service.


Check with Fiverr CS to be on the safe side please.:slightly_smiling_face:


It will not be a ToS violation until it is not a plagiarism. Please visit here for intellectual property terms. Maybe you can find some useful information there.
Always contact customer support for further clarifications. :slightly_smiling_face:


My account got disabled, and according to fiverr, it was due to one of my gigs offering to help with paraphrasing — it was classed as a homework - related service. The confusion now is this: if a gig on paraphrasing could be said to be violating fiverr’s TOS, what about similar gigs like rewriting gigs? And what about gigs offering to help with essays, citations and formatting?


I don’t think there is anything wrong with offering formatting services. When formatting a document, there is absolutely no need to change its contents. Besides, there are many TRS and Level 2 sellers who offer formatting of documents. So, I don’t think such services are violating the ToS.


As @hanshuber16 said, formatting should be fine. However, help with essays, citations, or rewriting could not only be seen as doing someone’s academic work instead of them (unethical and a ToS violation), but also as helping them commit academic fraud (definitely not allowed).