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Terms Violation


This one is really stupid fiverr. You sent me a terms of service violation because we sent our ratings and reviews to a customer who wanted to see if we were great as we said we were.

Yes, I know you can see the ratings and reviews on our page, he just couldnt get to that page, so we copied our ratings and our reviews page and sent it to him to complete the sale.

a day later we get a terms of service violation, they claim we asked for a rating? Do they not read the message sent?

All it was is a message saying take a look at our ratings and all of our reviews and we are a 5 star 100% seller. with over 2k in sales.

How is that a violation fiverr? Unreal…


Have you contacted CS and asked for further clarification on this violation? Have you contacted them to further explain your intentions behind it, and see if they’ll reverse this unusual warning?


Its all set. Fiverr steped in and fixed it. All is good.


Whew you had us worried, glad it was resolved. You used a few key phrases that send off alarms in your message to the buyer.

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