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Terrible buyer: what should I do?


As more often happens during last periods, I have buyers placing orders without providing infos.

I try to contact them, remembering them they placed an order and finally, if I don’t receive an answer for (e.g.) one week, I ask support team to cancel the order.

Yesterday I receive an order from (fantasy name) “fragglesrock”, without any info.

I contacted him and after 9h, he answered me:

"Can you make me a forum spammer? one that will post a new comment every 4000 milliseconds or almost every half second.

just a app that posts continues threads on any forums and spams them."

I answered him:

"I don’t want to develop such an app, I’m sorry.

I’ve already asked customer service to delete this order and refund you.

Next time, please, contact me BEFORE placing the order so I can tell you if I can and want to develop something, so that noone should waste his time to delete the order.



Final buyer answer:

"I did contact you. I told you what I wanted and you refuse to make it. you’re a terrible seller. you don’t deserve to have an account on fiverr if you cannot make such a simple application. I hope negative feedback comes to you and karma hits you."

What a seller should do in such a situation?

I did not answer him, but I really can’t believe it…

UPDATE: same buyer contacted me again right now. This is the message I don’t want to comment:

"Wattup pedophile?.."

Naturally I reported this to support team and blocked him, so he cannot disturb be anymore…


Reply to @carlaism: A mutual cancellation on its own doesn’t affect your reputation, but if you accumulate a large number of cancellations it will affect your rating and thus your eligibility for Levels :wink:

If you want to get rid of the order faster, you should talk to customer support and ask them to do it just to be sure the buyer doesn’t come back and refuses to cancel :slight_smile:


Reply to @mark74: I don’t exactly know how mutual cancellations affect one’s reputation, since only on forced cancellations it’s mentioned that they can affect you. However, the buyer didn’t accept nor decline the cancellation yet, so if he keeps doing that, the order will be cancelled in 1 day.

I really hope to get rid of this order and buyer. I got really upset over it, as I’ve been used to work with really nice (or at least honest) people.

Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:


I’ve had buyers annoyed because I’ve cancelled an order because they’ve asked for something I don’t offer or am unwilling to do because it goes against my morals. As crcanny says, you did the right thing. Ignore and move on. I would consider reporting the guy to Fiverr for them to watch - if he wants something that will spam, they may be worried that he will try to spam Fiverr in some way; just a suggestion.


I had so many buyers like that one, who made me feel like the last garbage on Earth, or like a slave… the only thing I could do was either to report them (thus blocking them from sending me more messages), or to keep ‘swallowing’ everything they were saying and be a nice puppy :frowning:

mark74 said: Fiverr should implement a "Decline order button"

I think that's the most requested feature :D I mean, since buyers have the power of making a choice when ordering a service, why not give the same power to sellers as well and let them choose their buyers?

Because if I stumble across a bad buyer who later on wants another order, I would obviously cancel because I don't want to work with that buyer anymore, but having that feature would really brighten my day :)


Wow, that sounds like a charmer. “Can you sew a pillowcase for me to drown kittens in?” is probably coming next.

You did the right thing. He’s just sore because he found a seller with integrity. Let it roll off your back, he’s obviously a crumbum.


Reply to @crcanny: thanks!! I was so angry and disappointed for this… but your post makes me feel proud of the behavior I kept!


Reply to @aingham69: I’ve already reported this guy to the excellent support team and, as usually, I received a nice and professional answer!! I did the right thing, I know, I’m sure of this, but hey how sad is being offended for this!!


Its good you mentioned his name, now we can all watch out for him!

I’ve gotten a couple of buyers like that who come with insults, the best thing to do is to let it roll the’d definitely tire out when they see you are not responding to them.


Reply to @wisegeek: Sheriff obfuscated buyer real name; I think it was a good idea to leave it so everyone knows this guy… but we cannot process him… so it’s ok.

It’s important to share the problem :wink:


Reply to @crcanny: see update to know what came next :wink:



You definitely did the right thing. I have worked with people all my life. Have some compassion for him because you know what. What he wanted you to do was wrong. How he has handled it is wrong. He has said the things he has said to you because he is expressing how he feels about himself. His comments and actions are not a reflection of you…they are a reflection of HIM! So have compassion for him. Be thankful that is not you because can you imagine how miserable he must be? Don’t give it another second of your positive energy. Stand tall with you head held high knowing that you handled it in the only way you could have.


Living Beyond Limiting Beliefs


Omg! That is ridiculous! I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve had a similar buyer like that. He aborted my cancellation 3 times.


Reply to @mark74: I saw! I hope CS gives him a whatfor!


Reply to @lblbeliefs: really thank you for your contribute!! I could not imagine what you showed me, I didn’t think to see this fact from your perspective… but I have to tell you that you opened my mind and yes, I really think you’re right!!!

Thank you so much, I really feel better after all these answers; rage disappeared and now remains only the sadness for such a noisy situation…

Consider I usually have a very nice and polite “connection” with my buyers as you can see in their feedback… so what more? As you say: nothing!!


I’m going through something similar right now! This buyer contacted me from two different accounts and asked me to post some review on a website. I firstly told him that I’m not a native English speaker and that I can’t write about something I know nothing about, then he insisted that it would even be fine in my native language.

Then I told him that my Facebook profile (which I had to use for that) was private and that I’d like to get more info about what kind of review I’d have to make and on which website IF I would accept.

Then he told me he would send me more info… and I just woke up with a sudden order from his THIRD account. In the info he posted in the order, he said that I accepted to write the review for him… I was stunned. I asked him to cancel the order but couldn’t wait and I requested mutual cancellation myself.

Now I’m waiting to see how this ends. I did make screenshots of all my conversations with him in case I have to prove it to Fiverr support that he’s not a very nice buyer and maybe should get a ban or something.


What blows my mind is that he contacted you AFTER you already told him no just to cal you that dirty word. Does he not have a life?


I also had a very difficult customer last year. A very demanding and he keeps on changing my work everytime I delivered it to him. What I did is I cancelled his order to prevent bad review. I wasted my time and effort for what he like and always threatened me that he will report me after I have done his request;


Reply to @carlaism: unfortunately he won’t be banned. When I had something similar I directly contacted support asking to cancel the order because buyer did not contact me and I cannot do what he’s asking. The “little” difference is that the order will appear as deleted from Fiverr admin and not as a mutual cancellation.

It won’t affect your reputation… but too many mutual cancellations could, while (for what I understood, hope it’s correct) orders cancelled by Fiverr admins are not taken into account…