Terrible buyers


Hello, I’m a 3D Artist working on product renders mostly. This holiday I’ve had very terrible buyers.
A buyer sends a message in your inbox, 'can you improve my product?'
I reply, ‘…Yes I can help you improve it’

Next thing you know you have a $35 order. I work on it quick(slight modifications after some thorough research) because to me it’s a relatively simple design. I deliver before time.

Client then requests modification, " please don’t change the product…"…and asks to send the 3D models.
I say 'ok, I’ll revert the design to the original". and I do and send even source files.

Then I get this from the client, " this is no improvement. Plz cancel the order."

How do you deal with such clients honestly?..and the others were even worse, bad ratings…
Makes me wonder if they just want free jobs.:disappointed:


To be honest, ‘improve’ is subjective. It’s not really the buyers fault. It’s a good idea in these cases to clarify what the buyer means by ‘improve’ and what their expectations are.


@tnext54 It is always good to know what buyers are expecting before jumping on working desk… We all learn after some bad experience… I had a buyer too who i think took free work but that was my fault I did not read his instructions carefully…


He asked you to improve it which you did.

Then asks you not to change the design so you do that too.

Then he says “there is no improvement, cancel the order.”

You should say no you will not cancel the order because you worked on it to his specifications,
and then worked on it a second time when he changed his specifications.

Yes he just wants free work.

You should also tell him that leaving bad feedback will not get him a refund as that is no longer allowed.

No matter what do not cancel the order after you have done all that work.


Thats where we sellers are so helpless. If it were me I would cancel the order. Why have a negative review for just 28$. Is it worth it? i don’t think so.

My advise will be to cancel the order.


No! Never!
You can put in the review the buyer just wanted a free service. Never allow yourself to be blackmailed!


Yeah that can be an option. But CS won’t remove that review. That’s what I think.


Do not cancel the order. This is giving buyers an incentive to leave bad feedback and just sit back and wait for a refund. You did the work you get paid. Do not refund them.

Anything from this point on should not be about cancellations or refunds. It should be about resolving the issue but from what you posted above you made some mistakes here.

You should have been more specific in your language. First of all responding to a message that asks you if you can improve a product without any specifics is too vague and open to interpretation. your customer probably had their own idea of what improved meant and you had another. I would have responded with specifics,telling them exactly what you could improve so there was no confusion or room for misunderstanding.

I would not have responded to this 'can you improve my product?'
with ‘…Yes I can help you improve it’

this makes you sound like Yosser Hughes (Google it) and I would have been very specific about what you could or would do.

In my opinion this is exactly why the feedback and cancellation process was changed. Look at the people in here shouting “cancel, cancel” This is not going to resolve anything and will result in bad feelings on both sides. Maybe the buyer is up to no good, or maybe they had different expectations. Cancelling the order will just give them their money back and nothing else.

A lot of people on here seem to think the updated cancellation a review system is now skewed against sellers. I think you will find otherwise. Once buyers start to realize that cancellations no longer automatically remove feedback and refunds are not automatic & they can no longer alter feedback perceptions and attitudes are going to change and this refund mentality is going to disappear. I think you will find this is trying to force buyers and sellers to work to resolve issues instead of just cancelling orders and leaving both parties with a bad taste in their mouth.

Of course if a seller has provided something the dog dropped, instead of what the buyer ordered ,then its probably going to go to a cancellation and if there are bad sellers their cancellation rate will go up and their orders will go down.

likewise with bad buyers trying to take advantage of sellers. I think if you step back and take a look at how cancellations, reviews and refunds work that this will work against them.

With regards to this order. I would not cancel it. I would message the buyer and state I did x, y and z which is an improvement to the original product for the following reasons and see what they have to say.


True. I’ve been trying to make that a virtue lately…getting all the details of the work. You’d think they’ll read the " Inbox me before ordering" note on the gig descriptions.


True. I will be more careful.


Yeah I am with you on that @misscrystal I would NOT cancel that order. I love what @markp said. This is so true. It is up to the buyer and seller to both be very clear with what they require and their expectations. It is also up to buyers and sellers to resolve their own issues as much as possible.

Then with regards to buyers that do place orders and try to get a free ride…

Why do buyers get away with this sort of behaviour on online marketplaces like Fiverr? Because sellers allow themselves to be bullied. If all the sellers stick to their guns and don’t allow themselves to be bullied and do work for free these con artists would stop trying their luck and go elsewhere.


You would hope people would message you if you ask them to but not all will. You could have a mandatory requirement but I’m not sure it would help as the questions you want to ask may be different for each order. If this happens to me, I ask them for more information or clarity, then if I’m still not 100% clear what they are expecting, if they’re vague or worse, say ‘you’re the expert’, I cancel before I start any work with a message, “I’m sorry but I’m not totally clear on what you would like me to do. I don’t want to deliver something that doesn’t meet your expectations, so I have to cancel the gig. Good luck with your project and I’m sorry I can’t help you in this instance.”

Experience has shown me not to work with people who can’t articulate what they are expecting. The trick is cancelling before you do the work.


What You Can Do Is Open A Dispute On That Client. But Let Me Tell You Don’t Ever Get Any Negative REVIEW On Your Profile It Will Be The Worst Moment If You Get Any Negative Review.
So If You Find No Help The Make Sure You Cancel Order Instead Of Getting Negative Review.


what, and give away work for free? Dude, you just spammed my thread with some nonsense once I got a bad review removed and the seller rematerializing to express surprise that he had left a bad review.

This is Fairweather, more than Sunny advice. As such, Nobody Should Listen To It.


totally agreed, do not get blackmailed…