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Terrible experience setting up a gig

So I log into my old Fiverr account from ages ago (this one) and set up a new gig. Nothing questionable about the gig–just offering to send joke post cards to others… not offensive or anything wrong. Gig goes live, I put up links to it on my Facebook and Twitter accounts and about 30 minutes later, the gig suddenly goes into a “pending review” state. No e-mail was sent to me to convey that. And to me, it looked like my gig had been deleted or something. All my links to my gig suddenly just redirected to the main page of Fiverr, meaning anyone who happened to click had no idea of what was going on either (the right move here would be to have a placeholder page for a gig explaining that the gig is in review!)

I thought maybe I had screwed something up or that it was because my account was so old. So I just was like, “Okay fine I’ll start a brand new account for this.” Built the gig. It went live. I got 3 orders. And then sometime in the last 2 or 3 hours, the gig on the old account mysteriously came back and the new account is now flagged as “restricted” and I have no idea what to do about my orders now. I’m super frustrated because this is twice now that I have tried to promote this gig and once again, the links to it now redirect to the main Fiverr page with no explanation to my buyers of what’s wrong.

I can certainly understand the moderation involved with dupe accounts, no complaints there, but the actual implementation of everything involved is so poorly done and makes me look like a flakey seller to my buyers, not to mention I’m left with a million questions about what to do with these actual orders I have received. I feel reluctant to continue using Fiverr at this point given how negative my first 24 hours with it have been.

Also would like to point out that you have terrible customer service because you responded to my support request over this by just immediately accusing me of trying to set up multiple accounts (2 accounts TOTAL!) for the sake of “fraudulent purposes,” without even investigating what happened and then immediately marking the ticket as “resolved” without waiting for me to reply to that.

I have no interest in using Fiverr for “competitive advantage” or whatever it was you claim I was violating in your TOS.

And then when I replied anyway, no response. Way to assume the absolute worst from your customers rather than thinking, "Hmm maybe our UI isn’t super clear over how account and gig management goes, maybe we should use this as an opportunity to review that."

Very, very lame.

Hey aimeeault,

Your account was pending review probably because you linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. (I’ve had the same issue and after deleting those links everything was fine.) If you don’t delete the links then they’ll restrict you’re account. So basically you’re not allowed to link to other sites. Delete those links and you should be fine again.